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Network monitoring question

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Hey there, i was wondering if i could get some insight of what is going on in here?
So logically if i have given more bandwidth to My pc, it should be getting more bandwidth, right?
But Network monitoring showing something opposite. Took a screenshot while playing apex legends and a video call on whatsapp at the same time.
can someone please help me out here?


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3 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

No not necessarily, only if it actually needs the bandwidth you have given it. What is the device with the highest usage? I can't quite make it out

my mobile device with a whatsapp video call on it.
what if i want my pc to take more bandwidth?
How do i do that?
My Qos is 50 download and 75 upload to my Pc.

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and also have you added the id's i've posted in that thread? As kicking out of the game while exiting has started to happen quite a lot now 😕

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That makes sense then, gaming barely uses any bandwidth at all - less than a video call. You can't make it take more bandwidth because it doesn't need that much bandwidth at all, if it needs more then it will take it no problem. Assuming you have Traffic Prioritization enabled it will be prioritized ahead of the call. I did pass them on to the team but there was an issue with the cloud tool, they'll get them added as soon as they can.

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