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Good day,

I am very new to VPNs and the Netduma. I recently got the HideMyAss VPN for attemping to use it with the netduma to perhaps get better lobbies in Warzone. 

However, i am unable to get the vpn to connect thru the dumaos. Also when I turn on the VPN thru the HMA software, I lose connection to my dumaos.

Edit: I looked at the advanced tab as well, and tried using the OVPN file, and it didn't work. I also tried UDP and TCP. TCP Fails, UDP never connects.

If someone a lot smarter than me could help me out, that would be appreciated!!


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On 8/5/2021 at 20:49, Netduma Fraser said:

Potresti provare a ripristinare le impostazioni di fabbrica e quindi utilizzare lo stesso file per favore? Qualcun altro ha avuto lo stesso problema e questo lo ha risolto per loro

hello expert

If I reset my xr500 to factory settings and connect to a vpn with config file, will the game give me that i'm connected in the vpn location?
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