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Ping Heatmap Agian


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Ping Heatmap vs when I load the game, as you can see there are a lot of servers missing on the heatmap, never mind misplaced, there are certain servers I would like to connect to but cannot do to the server being in a cluster with other servers.

I know you guys are working on a tool for more frequent updates, just curious when this tool will actually be implemented and when the customers should be expecting a working properly updated heatmap?

Edit: I just realized both the geofilter and heatmap are both MISSING servers that ARE ONLINE at the moment, miami, texas, spain being the first 3 i notice off the top of my head.

Screenshot_2021-05-04 Ping Heatmap - DumaOS.png

Screenshot_2021-05-04 Geo-Filter - DumaOS(1).png

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It's being implemented currently so it should start to be better and notice less gaps between failed to ping servers and more accurately located servers. It doesn't matter if they don't show on heatmap as you will still be able to connect to them on the Geo-Filter. Ping Assist is best to use if a low ping server is clustered in a high ping area

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