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Netduma and internet access

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Hi duma team just a problem i am having lately with netduma and internet access.First of all lets begin by saying that i have the netduma r2 a long time now and generally is working but this is what makes me crazy...after a period of well working i cannot access the router's interface by page. So i have to reboot it and then i get access to routers page but then i am not having internet access in any mode wireless or wired after reboot.The most annoying thing is that the router has internet access (if i do a connection benchmark i have test results also the internet button is on) but any machine is connected to router is without internet access.So after a couple of reboots and on off the power cable randomly (without changing any settings) i get again access (this might take from 5 to 20 minutes).Any thoughts is super annoying to wait kids to sleep just to rebooting my duma for the whole house to have internet again?

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@Zippy I believe suffers from the same issue and may be able to provide some advice here on what he does to get up and running again quickly. It is something we're looking into and hopefully within the next few firmware versions this will be resolved.

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