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Need some help with Fifa


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Hi all, 

I had this router for quite some time now. Unfortunately I can not seem to get myself a proper setup for Fifa. Just using the ISP router seems to give me better gameplay. Surely i must do something wrong with the settings on the Netduma. 

Maybe anybody can help me with which ports i need to use for Traffic Priorization for Fifa 2021 on Xbox Series X? And do i need to use congestion control on a 300/30 line or is it a bit pointless if I am the only one making use of the connection?

Whenever i seem to use Congestion Control or Bandwith allocation it just seems to make my gameplay experience worse. And i'm not sure what I am doing wrong. 


Settings so far

Bandwith speed 300-3 (tried lowering and upping them)

Congestion control 70% up/down (tried everything between 10% and 100% does seem to solve bufferbloat but getting horrible game experience when playing in the game.


Tried Traffic Prio on/off with Duma classified games or with the xbox series x classified as console or x box and then on console. Also tried advanced and port 1-65535 which seemed to work best so far. Putting QOS on disable however gave me the best results which likely should not be the case. 


Got my ISP router/modem Ubee UBC1318ZG in Bridge mode. 


Port fowarded manually ports 3074/53/80/88/500/3544/4500/1863/3659. 

IPv6 off. 

Tried different DNS. 

Changing MTU from automatic to 1384 (xbox live minimal value) seemed to have the biggest postive effect on my gameplay. But im on cable and MTu of 1500 should be the best setting. 



Any idea's what i can still try would be highly apreciated :D


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If it is just you and you only have the console on when playing then in theory it makes sense why it works better with QoS off as there is no analyzing of packets and putting it ahead of the network queue. However, if TP did help with the rule you made then that indicates there are devices connected which could be doing background updates etc. For TP if you want to use advanced use 1-65535 for source but then adjust the destination to each of the ports you did with forwarding - do not do this with port 53, 80 & 88 and also remove them from forwarding.

MTU is more of a placebo really and can do more harm if it's not done correctly so I'd suggest testing it properly to ensure you don't get fragmentation at that value or revert it. What is the average ping as shown by the Geo-Filter? Are you using the Geo-Filter?

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Thnx very much for the quick reply Fraser :)

It is just me on Xbox and my own computer (who could have some small background downloads). I will try your suggestion and delete those ports from port forwarding and try add them to the Traffic Prio. 

I am familiar with the Geo Filter but something else is wrong somewhere in the settings which i need to figured out and fix first. Geo filter is the next step in the line. 

Regarding the MTU. I know it's a tricky business but for some reason my players in game stop being delayed when i set a (tried on more then one router) mtu of lower then 1400 in the router. Which is weird cause if i ping anything there is no fragmentation occuring below 1472 bytes. Which should indicate a Mtu of 1500. Dunno why it works wonders for me.

Ill let you know how it goes after your suggestions! 

Greetings, Nelson 

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