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strange reboot of xr500

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have strange reboot for 10 minutes ago.

Not understand why that reboot was doing nothing with router

found these loogs:

[DumaOS] Long call 'openvpndown' exception 'ERROR: Exec 'ip route del default via '' table 1' failed with 2 stack tr,

but have setting hybridvpn off.

use firmware

why was my router reboot myself!!

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After a reboot the logs from before the reboot would have been wiped so impossible to say really why that happened, perhaps a power fluctuation briefly. If it happens again I'd suggest plugging it in to another outlet and see if it is more stable.

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53 minutes ago, busolof said:

okej ues Branch outlet for my router perhaps is something with that doing with my power to my router then.

change to outlet alone not an Branch outlet see if helps

Yeah try that if it happens again, it might have just been a one off

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