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  1. hi, when use nordvpn app is working they links but if put that OpenVpn client config file and use username and password is not working very strange
  2. Hey, tested another router have here in my home is an asus router have nordvpn have no problem connect to my local server outside Something in that hybridvpn stops that
  3. Hi, Have tested they server in hybridvpn for purevpn and they is not working ovh failed is: Denmark both udp and tcp Belguim Udp not okej failed but tcp was ok Russia not connecting. Pananam udp failed but tcp was ok Netherlander udp not okej, tcp pk Writed them is have problem they another working with no problem Should take contact with purevpn tell them same thing do here Here is an screenshots from denmark too
  4. Hey, when use an vpn program for windows 10 then works website not if use vpn on my router. Perhaps I ask they vpn provider use and explain my problem see if can help me
  5. Hey, have an email server and use an web link to connect outside of my local network. Have an domain connected to an mailserver. typ these https://xxxx.domainname.se. But is working use an openvpn config file in advance in hybridvpn but is use purevpn in basic then cant use https://server.mydomain.se (is expempel) Not easy to explain on english
  6. Hi, Are connected with ethernet and my local server website could not connect with hybridvpn. use vpn on my computer then working good but with hybridvpn no connect
  7. Hi, Not sure is that is bug or problem. When try connect my gaming computer to my xr700 takes long time get network. When use another router from asus is no problem to connect. What for firmware is there for xr700 use on myrouter: XR700 V1.0.1.34_Dumaos3.0_6 when try change another vpn server get these info: The Quick Setup configuration server is down. Please try again later or alternatively you can use the advanced tab to connect via your own config file.
  8. yes will test later today see if more have problem strange denmark not working says connecting and looking in log is resetting
  9. Hey, tested fill in purevpn in advanced use denmark says connecting but going back to sweden is working great strange
  10. I will run that working for me, will try later change to manual config Hope will be fixed soon then.
  11. Hi, no use basic settings used sweden in there and when try use denmark is standing connecting and looking in log is reseting cant take copy very strange
  12. Hey, use that in my router not on advance page in hybridevpn. runing now to sweden and udp working great but when try denmark is resting om connecting not sure why
  13. another thing when use purevpn try connect to denmark is resettings says connecting but try norway goes better
  14. Hey, checked sec ago and have an fixed an picture
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