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  1. Hey, very strange tryed use another vpn provider use advanced settings tryed connecting to belgium is belgium use ivacy vpn and connecting to denmark when use ipleak or iplocation says belgium changed to sweden and says sweden but when check ip is sweden but server purevpn have they same server place!!
  2. Hey, where add that end of that configuration file. No used basic and strange when use typ server denmark and city will that show belgium talked with purevpn they not understand. perhaps try use belgium will that show denmark
  3. Hey, got same picture why got error. must do vpn configruation again after that
  4. Hey, yes is working better and with basic. Use advanced
  5. Hey, can try use google dns
  6. Hey again could use purevpn on advanced will run that
  7. hybridvpn not working , removed my computer then working internet for me. see screenshots
  8. Hey, strange my connection to surfsharks was failed but tryed then purevpn same thing tryed connecting and in logs info there reseting. used surfshark again then could connect again. why happen that when use purevpn how can fix that problem tryed different place to connect but same problem says connecting and logs info reseting self
  9. Hey, I have decided use surfshark on my router is working, have purevpn on another router not netgear.
  10. Hey, yes tryed norway, denmark(showing belgium)germany same problem and tryed use advanced an ovpn fil from purevpn. Strange is that an bug in xr700 perhaps?
  11. Hey, no says connecting and when looking in logs is reseting try connecting. But that working with surfshark filled in advanced use purevpn on another router working great. use firmeware will watch that later
  12. Hey, try use basic with purevpn and logs reseting tryed advanced to same thing. But use now surfshark working strange with purevpn what i do use surfshark have account for surfshark vpn have that too purevpn
  13. ttryed with surfshark going better. strange with ourevpn
  14. Hey, i installed an router xr700 and try use hybrid vpn But connecting and in logs is reseting what can do for working
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