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  1. When use hybridvpn on your xr500 will you not use same speed when use windows 10 app for your vpn provider. will you have great speed use windows 10 app.
  2. Hey, I use my vpn dns server in my router with no problem. Have no dns test leak Is working for me.
  3. Hello again, that version is that beta for Dumaos 3.0
  4. Hey, can update from to what i do after update!! reset or use settings was before updateing
  5. have change power cord for my router to alone outag. very strange my another router xr700 have up runing 55 days with no problems
  6. okej ues Branch outlet for my router perhaps is something with that doing with my power to my router then. change to outlet alone not an Branch outlet see if helps
  7. you mean if happen again put power to another plugging my power cord to outlet
  8. Hello, have strange reboot for 10 minutes ago. Not understand why that reboot was doing nothing with router found these loogs: [DumaOS] Long call 'openvpndown' exception 'ERROR: Exec 'ip route del default via '' table 1' failed with 2 stack tr, but have setting hybridvpn off. use firmware why was my router reboot myself!!
  9. Hey, is working now was sure dhcp server from my ISP
  10. Hey, is there way to reset mac adress on my router! Earlier today, I had a disconnected of my internet. tried to get back my internet not luck. But connected behind my another router then worked my internet again. called my internet broadband provider. They did not understand me. Has worked over 6 month but today was an ip address not working anymore. strange. tryed 2 times... Can that be dhcp server not on my router but on my ISP . hope can understand my english.
  11. Hey, I runing with my XR500 just Surfshark vpn have no problem to connecting use to sweden. You not use your username och password login your accountsite on surfshark vpn when use to connect to an vpn server In your account site go to manual chose router and look for asus wrt https://support.surfshark.com/hc/en-us/articles/360003106093-Asus-router-tutorial-running-AsusWRT-firmware then look in : 2.Click on the Credentials tab on top. You will find Surfshark service credentials there. is screenshot how you fix your username and password hope that helps was so doing get surfshark vpn working with my XR500
  12. hey, writed that end on script and working hope you will update server list for denmark showing wrong place what iknow
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