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r2 in dmz and 2 consoles.


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just a quicky a few weeks ago i put my r2 into the dmz.

now i own a ps4 and 5 and im going to move my systems about the house (i have my reasons so dont ask or you will be sorry lol) both systems will be using powerlinks (again dont ask) , now onto the question :-

with the r2 in the dmz i assume that both the ps4 and 5 will run through the r2 and therefore be in the dmz ?.

there will only be 1 online at a time IF i have to swap systems i will enable online on the ps4 otherwise that will be an offline (but a connected system) , will there be any issues having both systems connected even if one is in stand by ?.

sorry if the post is a bit confusing as im trying to work this out as i type and generally the duma crew point summat out that iv missed lol.

cheers for reading and thoughts.............

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So if you're saying if the R2 is in the DMZ of your ISP router then yes in theory both consoles should get an Open NAT, especially if there is only one online at a time. If one console is in the R2 DMZ then only that one would get an open NAT so I wouldn't advise that.

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