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Netduma r2 issues

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Currently have Gb internet service. Only pull about 750 Mb through modem. Internet works fine.

However, when I try to use my Netduma R2 it says I am not connected to the internet. Currently have ISP Modem from xfinity> Netduma R2> PC

Can not even open the suggested browser due to showing no internet connection. Any suggestions?

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Update: got it working!


Trying to use geo filter in game and doesn't seem to match ping but it is lower than normal. Is that typically what happens?


I.e. geofilter Houston area for 35 ping get in matches with 40-50. Typically, my ping sits around 50-100 on Warzone. Or do I need to prioritize ping over bandwidth as well?


Ps. I restarted the modem like 3 times and nothing worked but then I just reset my computer and when it booted back up all was well.

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