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Netduma r2 dropping internet connection

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My router keeps dropping internet connection, it started this morning and has continued through out the day.

I have changed nothing on it, I keep having to reboot it which fixes the issues for maybe 10 min then it go straight back to no internet.

I know the issues is with the netduma router and not my virgin one as I have my macbook connected to the virgin and all other devices connected to the netduma and the virgin router is running with no issues at all.

I am starting to get a little tired of all the issues I keep having with this router.

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Are you losing connection on wired or wireless devices or both?

Was there anything different about this morning compared to usual in terms of your normal online activity? 

My Virgin router has been very iffy starting from last night, I had to factory reset it today because as you've described internet would last 10 minutes and then disconnect so might be an idea to factory reset the V hub - I haven't had any trouble since I did that and it was a few hours ago.

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