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  1. No I am not able to connect to the interface, I have to unplug and plug in my duma and wait for it to all come back on. Just got a message from my GF that the router has gone down again.
  2. So did what you suggested last night. The connection to all devices dropped again, twice after making the changes. This morning the router again dropped connection 3 times between 5am when I was up and around 7:30am, I had to move my xbox and PC over to my virgin hub so i can at least enjoy my morning. All other devices are still connected to the netduma and so is my Macbook so I can see when the connection drops again.
  3. Hi yes I did what you suggested and the drop of connection improved where it would happen maybe 1 once or twice a week, But in the last 1-2 weeks it gotten worst again min drop has been 3-4 times a week and sometimes twice a day. Is there any type of log I can record and send to you guys to have a look at whats going on?
  4. Hi Again my route has started to drop connection Its beyond a joke, I would like to know how I can obtain a refund or a replacement please.
  5. Yes I followed what you advised in this post to me before https://forum.netduma.com/topic/35855-port-forwardingmodem-mode/?tab=comments#comment-301227
  6. Yes it drop everything, and I have to reset my R2. Its such a pain I have to connect my G/F work PC to the virgin box so she does not face any issue while I'm out at work.
  7. Hi So my netduma just drops all connected devices. It's something that has happened since i got it, originally I thought it was down to the firmware, but since I upgraded to the new one when it came it still happens. When the router just drops all connections I do connect to my virgin to see if it's my ISP but that works perfectly fine and has not gone down. It happens intermittently. Any thoughts on what it could be, I did think it could be an issue with the router maybe over heating etc but its not that warm when I touch it.
  8. Hi, hope this is the right place to ask questions. I would like to setup port forwarding, but do I need to do it on my main virgin router or on my netduma router? Also what is the benefit of setting my virgin router to modem only mode? Thanks in advance
  9. I have factory reset my V router and can connect to it no problem, the netduma keeps dropping. i have facotry reset it as well so will monitor it. I am losing connection on both wired and wireless
  10. Hello My router keeps dropping internet connection, it started this morning and has continued through out the day. I have changed nothing on it, I keep having to reboot it which fixes the issues for maybe 10 min then it go straight back to no internet. I know the issues is with the netduma router and not my virgin one as I have my macbook connected to the virgin and all other devices connected to the netduma and the virgin router is running with no issues at all. I am starting to get a little tired of all the issues I keep having with this router.
  11. This is the thing, I was sent to a page were i could download some files but I have no app on my macbook thats opens them. As it says I have to copy the content of them and paste them into the configurations part of the setup.
  12. Could anyone help me setup nordvpn please, I am stuck at the configuration point. thanks
  13. TBH I could not tell you if i did or not, I installed the update when it was launched and had no issues till now.
  14. It seems the amount of errors and issues are endless with this gear, so I have now got the below error just now.
  15. Hello So reading this it would seem i have not put my virgin router into modem mode, I just plugged my netduma in. Other than turning this mode on, is there anything else I need to do when setting this up?
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