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Cant get into servers warzone

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1 hour ago, Netduma Fraser said:

Where abouts are you located and what are your Geo-Filter settings? Could you provide a screenshot of then please?

What firmware version are you on?

R2 3.0.179  Located in canada,  Trying to Geo on miami, brazil and uk , it keeps searching lobby then 1/150 and research again.   

This morning i had been sucessfull getting in miami server,  but looks like i have to flush cloud everytime and reset pc. I am still Strict nat, 

Other question aswell : if i want to port forward, what  is outgoing ports?  If i need to open port : 3074      should i type in incoming port :   Start  3074 , End  3074   +  Outgoing port :  start 3074 . end : 3074 ?

Can you check dm aswell :)

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All those servers are very far away from you, there are servers much closer to you near the border with Canada, have you tried these? 

Do the ports like that yes, though if you have an Open NAT you don't need to do this.

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