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  1. Try things, netduma is not made for bot lobbies. See somewhere else, try hard, try differents things, may u find it, GL brotha
  2. It is, their last cloud update meessed up alot of things brotha, i hope the fix it all soon !
  3. Thx for that quick answer , like always my guy !!! Glad you guys figureing it out for us customers !!!!
  4. You guy's did some update like 1-2 days ago tho lol , seems everything is mixed up more then before ? am i right ? or just a cod update fucked up thing lol ?
  5. @Netduma Fraser Hey Fraser, this server ID is located on miami , why does it shows above LOL ???
  6. Indeed, i dont know how to say it, but that update was supposely to be better but i feel its fucked up everything haha its so more messy
  7. I thought yesterday was done? Some server ID changed last night for me
  8. When is that ? do we need to do anything ?
  9. I dont think i used the vpn when i reset the router tho !
  10. Hey Fraser, Last night, i was forcing one server only with the geo-filter, everything was working fine, then after a fews game, it just stopped finding games at all. -So i was thinking maybe the server was down or something so i change it to somewhere else : Didn't work - I tryed to close game and re open: didn't work - i was using hybridvpn so i change location on that aswell : didn't work - Finally ; I reset the router and keep the same geo filter setting and found a game within a minute... Is there something i can anticipate ? like after sometimes i have to reset the router because of internet configuration? Thank you
  11. I only tryed one location today after 1pm est time, as you asked, it was working fine to me today!
  12. Okay so i put device to PC, apply my specify ports, switch my device as playstation and the port will still be applied . right ?
  13. Hey Fraser, i am on PC, when i use the hybrid vpn my device is not greyed ( because my device manager is not set on playstation i guess right? ) How can i open some ports in the advance tab if i cant when it is greyed out ) Thank you
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