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Hybrid VPN Ideas

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Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

Had some ideas about the hybrid VPN feature even better than it already is.

Support wireguard as well as OpenVPN as its showed a lot of promise in terms of speed, size and security. Pretty sure it wouldn't be crazily complex to implement as I'm sure openwrt already supports it. Maybe Netgear can also add this to their own home VPN service too.

Support multiple VPN providers such as Private Internet Access, NordVPN, etc.

Support multiple VPN's at once so you can assign a specific device a specific VPN service. Could be useful for a scenario where you would want a fast VPN close to your origin country for gaming but have another in a different country for geo restrictions like netflix.

Allow to save multiple OpenVPN configs similar to how the ping heatmap custom list system works as right now if you need to edit the profile you have to renter it.

Could also add a VPN test that check for security issues like DNS leaking.

Could even add the VPN providers to the ping heatmap to check for the ones with the lowest ping.

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Good Christmas here thanks, hope you had a good one too.

We are actually looking at Wireguard support, we've added support for it in the Kernel so we'll check that support using command line and if that all works we'll try to implement it for Hybrid VPN - I don't have a date on this, just reading the internal tickets for this. 

We do plan on adding more providers as well for easier basic setup. 

Very good ideas, I'll add them to the list, thanks!

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On 12/29/2020 at 4:33 PM, II N3MES1S II said:

Maybe an internal VPN that can spoof and randomize the ip or mac to a given device?

Not really possible as it would break many things such as DHCP and ARP.

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