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I just setup my Netduma and my Xbox is telling me i have a double NAT.  I went through this guide and still showing the same.

Here are my settings:

ISP (Comcast) Modem is in Bridge Mode

Upgraded Firmware to 3.0.179

UDNP is open and showing my Xbox IP with the proper port open

Set my Xbox to have a static IP from within Netduma

Put the Xbox in the DMZ

Still not working

Why is the WAN IP a private 172.16.x.x address on this?  When i tracert i get this

  1     1 ms     1 ms     1 ms  dumaos.lan []
  2     3 ms     3 ms     9 ms



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Hey, welcome to the forum!

The WAN Address appears like that because you've put the ISP router in bridge mode so for all intents and purposes it's behaving like a modem. There is nothing else in your setup that would be affecting ports? On the ISP router are there any options that are still available/accessible? 

Disable IPv6 in WAN/LAN Settings. Do you know if your ISP blocks any ports?

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