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Found 7 results

  1. Hi - Having an issue where the Geo-Filter screen is entirely blank, with no icons whatsoever, no Allow and Deny information, and no Auto-Ping information. This briefly changes when I load up Warzone - I see a good handful of Servers and Players only during the "Connecting to Xbox Live Server" screen, and all Server and Player icons dissipate after loading into the main lobby screen. This doesn't change whether I delete and re-add the Xbox, or when I enter and exit Spectating/Polygon/Geo-Filtering mode, and I'm unable to Resync Cloud manually ("Rapp is taking longer than usual" every time). My current NAT type is moderate, and I've tried extensively to change this - I have my Xbox IP in DumaOS' DMZ, and I'm forwarding all necessary ports. Occasionally a singular Server in Texas will appear for about five seconds. I'm at a loss - any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I just setup my Netduma and my Xbox is telling me i have a double NAT. I went through this guide and still showing the same. Here are my settings: ISP (Comcast) Modem is in Bridge Mode Upgraded Firmware to 3.0.179 UDNP is open and showing my Xbox IP with the proper port open Set my Xbox to have a static IP from within Netduma Put the Xbox in the DMZ Still not working Why is the WAN IP a private 172.16.x.x address on this? When i tracert i get this 1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms dumaos.lan [] 2 3 ms 3 ms 9 ms
  3. I've had my netduma r1 roughly 5 years now, and when i first got it, it worked wonderfully. I've since moved to my old home and got a new service provider. I have a wifi modem with them that also allows us phone service. I've placed the WAN ip of the netduma in the dmz of the router the isp provided, still double strict nat, I'ved tried disabling upnp on my isp modem, and open it on the netduma, no fix, I've manually ported all the ports required for xbox live gaming, no fix. I've tried lowering the firewall settings, rebooting my modems and xbox's. no fix. The only other thing I can think of is bridging my modem, but where it also acts as a connection for my telephone, I'm not sure if this is possible. The last time I bridged my ips modem, I lost all internet connection completely, and could not get back online, could not access the isp modem anymore, even with it hardwired, had to wait 5 days on a tech to come replace my modem, so i hop you understand why I'm hesitant to bridge this modem now. IS there any other ways to receive an open nat on the netduma without bridging my modem, and without suggesstions that I've already mentioned above. I love gaming, but with call of duty, and the SBMM, I'm getting put in high ping games far from me, and it's annoying getting the first shot on someone for the to just turn and mow you down, and the kill cam show you never landed a shot.
  4. Hi me again (sorry)! So I've just regained access to my xr700, I seem to have solved the 'double nat detected' issue on the Xbox but it's now only registering ipv4 and not ipv6. I've done a lot of searching and can't seem to find a solution that works. I also can't seem to hear any party chat now, which may be a coincidence. Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Im going to copy paste some bits from email exchange to provide context At this point i was going to return it but i was informed that a firmware update was coing soon that woud drastically fix many issues as well as the worst wifi coverage i have ever seen. Literally. A china brand wall plug wifi repeater from twice the distance away, round the corner of a brick chimney was coming up with an available wifi connection more then the r2 After greatly anticipating the arrival of this router with hopes that it improve the wifi throughout the home was greatly disappointing. I am in Australia, using optus as the ISP. The provided modem/router provided by them I is not the greatest wifi signal. The netduma r2 is severely worse. The room that contains my xbox, PlayStation, nvidia shield, and computer manage to get a choppy 28mbps to 54mbps connection.This room is directly down a hallway, merely 5 meters away. I cannot believe it. If there is some sort of setting to change please do let me know, I have tried using different channels already. I provided screenshots of speed analysis and wifi coverage strength test conducted, so no need to post them on here you guys have them already. So after a brief email exchange I said for the time being then ill just go get a cheap wifi mesh system to use to have the r2 sdo its thing and let the mesh do the wifi. So I got a cheap mesh system by mercusys halo s12. After racking my brain why my xbox would keep showing strict nat, double nat detected it took me a while to realise that the mesh system was providing a dhcp aswell. This cheap ass system does not have a wireless ap mode. I had tried to turn the dhcp off in it, but then it just stopped working and was showing no internet wifi connection. I had assigned static ips, tried a dmz nothing would work. So my bandaid solution was ' use an old tp link 2.4ghz router as a wireless ap and connect my consoles by lan cable from it. as it is copying the mac address from the r2 i dont end up with a double nat. for wifi, where the nat isnt stopping me from just surfing the net the mesh is being used. Today i sent another email asking for remote assistance and was instructed to post here...even though all relevant information was in the email thread. Excerpt from latest emails for context Can I please get some remote support. If possible asap, I think it may still be work day where you guys are? I have been getting absolutely terrible experience from this product. The net keeps dropping out, my ping has increased tremendously. My games have become completely choppy and players glitching out everywhere. I need this asap today as tomorrow I have a qtr final e sports competition for the Logitech McLaren g challenge and how it is now, it's terrible. I had purchased a wifi mesh but this posed its own problems as this cheap one can't just act as a wireless Ap and wants to assign dhcp. If I disable dhcp on the netduma, I loose internet connectivity aswell as lan and had to totally reboot. It has been an extremely frustrating experience so far, which has cost me upwards of $350 at this point and frustration, late nights and headaches Following on I'll do that, but I was hoping for some immediate remote assist as this esports race is in less than 24 hours... Any novice and and somewhat advance level of compentcy trouble shooting I have tried. The reason I thought to turn off dhcp is that the mesh system I have works in a router + 2 satellite configuration. Turning dhcp on that (with the lan cable from the r2 plugged into the mesh router acts as the wan connection but it's either double Nat and somewhat works, or turn dhcp off on the mesh and that stops working. Which I had to purchase because the r2 wifi range and speed is so extremely poor, that an old china wifi wall plug repeater shows a strong connection from twice the distance away.. I have produced a high end graphical representation of the home network in a picture for you guys. It is done in the one and only, paint.
  6. Hi, I just received my XR450 today. Right out of the gate I ran into a problem that I've never had before with my previous "shared connection" VPN setup. I successfully set up my VPN (NordVPN) through the Hybrid VPN feature. I then selected my Xbox One as the only device that goes through the VPN, as I have problems with people DoSing me on COD. I rebooted everything. The external IP on my Xbox did indeed change, but with a little problem. I now have "Double NAT detected" in my network settings and have no idea how to fix it. Keep in mind that this ONLY happens with the VPN on. I've heard that some VPN providers use NAT on their end as well and it can cause this. Is there any solution on my end, or do I need to just get a new VPN provider that doesn't use NAT? I'm open to any advice OR knowledge.
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