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Issues with xbox series x

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I recently updated to new gen and it hasn't been as pleasant as i would have hoped. Many issues trying to play COD Cold war such as games disconnecting near the end of the match and throwing me to the dash board, other times it will disconnect me to the pregame lobby but the console is signed out of xbox live and nothing can be down to "get the console back online' requiring a shutdown and reboot. This would then occur 90% way throw the next MP match and repeat and so on.

Also starting xmas eve ive unable to connect to xbox live parties which doesn't matter if i start the party and people join me or if i try to join others either alone or already in a group. this is occurring while the xbox OS reporting open nat and the in game COD settings also reporting open nat. Also I've got the geo filter entire world, with 100ms ping assist enabled and strict mode is unticked. This is obviously not supposed to be filtering out any lobbies and was done in an effort to troubleshoot whether i was having the above issues due to unintentionally blocking out something that was resulting in my issues. And no improvement seamed to occur.

Also the old trick of removing power from every network device and powering on each one separately starting at the modem, waiting for it to be ready, them powering on the Netduma and waiting 5 minutes for it to be ready, then onto the xbox and then my PC so i can log into the netduma. This would basically have to be done every time, and was the only way to resolve the issues just to be able to search for a game, and it would either let me play a few games before being disconnected or would disconnect me from the first lobby. And ive given up trying to "fix" party chat coz im spending at least twice as much time rebooting things and checking device settings ect then i am playing.

As the netduma interface when logged in from my I7 PC using chrome is frequently struggling with error messages about Rapps not loading  and requiring being rebooted (using the software button) and the strange thing is sometimes the Beep from the router occurs within a second or two or might be longer then a minute or two before it can be heard.

Ive requested in the Beta Post about being given access to the new beta firmware, and would love that to be the magic bullet to solve my currents issues but would also love to hear any ideas you may have to eitherway.

And FYI all devices are using a cable connection with the only wireless device connected in the household being my mobile phone

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I've given you access to the R1 beta so once you've upgraded make sure to do a factory reset via the interface.

If issues still continue delete the device from the Geo-Filter entirely and also disable Congestion Control completely from the 3 line option menu and see if it helps.

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