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filter not working and no IP just MAC?

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3.0.105   when i reboot i still only get mac address. im trying to filter out the entire US but it keeps trying to force it. So game will join then boot because its a us server...or maybe that what filter is supposed to do. if i deny that server another just pops up in the same place with a different address.

mac only.jpg

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2 hours ago, infernomachine said:

really delayed response but im not sure whhat you mean 3074,3075 thiose are separate ports wouldnt each pc/console need 3074 open? I thought you could list 2 of the same ports...

As two devices can't use the same ports CoD recommend you port forward one device to use 3074, and any additional devices playing the game as 3075, 3076 etc and they will use those ports instead of 3074 and get an open NAT.

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