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Feature Request - Port Forwarding Options and UPnP Security

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Hi there,


Here are a few little tweaks that I feel would really improve some of the UI flow as these are things I find myself manually doing often.

Port Forwarding Section:

I'll start by saying I do not use UPnP as I would rather limit the amount of open ports to one specific device and retain some control over what's coming and going.

- Add a toggle to quickly enable / disable port forwarding rules, similar to traffic prio ( I know you can add multiple rules but it will not let you add them in the event of port conflicts - which I understand this is the intended behavior but not ideal for folks who prefer to manually add port forwarding.)

- refine the autofill logic in the source / dest port text fields. Current behavior is end port mirrors start port, it would be nice when adding ranges if end didn't always match start (IMO even left blank is preferable).


Traffic Prioritization:

- Similar to Port Forwarding, add the option to edit existing entries rather than delete them entirely and start over. 



- Add the option to whitelist / blacklist specific internal devices from using UPnP for better security. 


Just a few thoughts I've had in using the R2 daily and switching between consoles. 


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