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Hit detection is bad on the xr700


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Im a old user since the netduma r1, the r1 was pretty oke for me. (Later i started using a r7000 with ddwrt)

Im using the xr700 now for a little more then 6 months and since i use the xr700 i have had a hardtime to hit clips in cod do to delays and ghost bullets. Hitreg also seemed a bit off, it always felt like i was at a disadvantage shoot first die first. 

In cold war i have the ping bar enabled  my ping is always around 30 wich is good.  My ping always fluctuates ingame between 30 and 35 this makes my game feels sluggisch and miss my shots.

Today i plugged in my r7000 with ddwrt on it and bam my game feels so much more responsive and the hitmarker sounds are more powerfull also then my xr700 my ping ingame is even lower now at 25 and also stable at 25 with no small fluctuations.  


How come that such an expensive router who is designed for gaming have such a bad qos ? Also with qos off btw its not that good.

Is dumaos 3.0 going to have a better qos or will it be the same ?


Well for now i will keep the xr700 far away from my pc and when dumaos 3.0 comes i willl give it a try again  but i doubt it will be any good. 

Anyone else feel the same ?




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5ms is basically imperceptible and ping fluctuates all the time so I don't know how you'd notice a difference there. If the in game ping differs then you can use the Geo-Filter to find another server with a lower ping. If you haven't really experimented with QoS either then you won't know what works best for your connection. There will be more options to ensure a good connection in the beta.

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Oke a little info about me,

I am a pc player for 20 years now and i can call myself 1 of the top tier pc snipers in call of duty, i know everything to optimize my pc for the best and smoothest gaming expirience if something is wrong also if it is the smallest thing i will notice that some of my settings arent right.  i have had multiple routers from different brands. i know 5 ms is a really small difference but its not about that, the ping fluctuates constantly between 30 and 35 believe me or not i feel this and this is causing me to miss my shots, also like i said i have alot of ghost bullets with the xr700 and it always felt like i was at a 100 ms disadvantage.

I am playing now for 5 hours with r7000 and my game experience is now completely insane since release of cold war i havent played this good as i did today i am completely destroying the enemy now every single game and im enjoying the game finally and im sad that i didnt switch earlier to my r7000. the game also looks smoother with the r7000, with the xr700 it looks like the enemy and team mates are ghosting slightly and with the r7000 there is no ghosting going on. i just feel that there is a slight delay when i use the qos on the xr700 i feel it on my mouse it feels heavier or something  and the change to the r7000 confirmed my thoughts cause all those things are completly gone and input and hitreg is abolutly insane.

I hope dumaos 3.0 will be good so i can use the router again but for now it stays in the box it came in 



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