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  1. Hi Netduma, ill try to explain what is happening. I play on pc and mainly cod bo4 When i use my ISP router i have no trouble finding games and i am getting in a lobby really fast and i find good lobby's with low pings. The reason i don't want to use my isp router is that its bufferbloat spikes to 2000ms and there is no qos function. The problem with the netduma is is that i have to wait long times to get put into a lobby, the lobby's i get with the netduma are like 9/10 terrible with 50% of the players with a 150 ping or even higher in the lobby. i get put i way different lobby's then when i use my ISP router, whats the deal with that. half the lobby's i get with the netduma are people from south africa or even india. i am from europe btw. My ping is very good and around 20 but with all these high pings it makes the game unplayble. Its like the game thinks im also from outside europe and puts me into lobby's with other people connecting from outside europe to europe. My Geo filter is disabled i tried using it on also, but i still get the high ping players in my lobby's. I switch back to my isp router and here we go i have normal lobby's again and i get put into a lobby within 1 sec after i press search game. I hope you can do something with this information Greetz NLvice
  2. Hi Netduma, There is 1 function i miss in the DumaOS wich was very handy, Sometimes i like to disable my portforwards but with the DumaOs there is no option for this. if i want to disable my portforwards i have to or change my ip or delete all the rules. Can you bring this back ? Greetz NLvice
  3. yup same ip, and its also the only device in the list
  4. Hey thnx for the reply Dialatech, i have tried i think every combination but i still dont get the geofilter to show the servers
  5. Hi netduma, I play bo4 on pc and as the manual describes i have to go to device manager and change my pc to a playstation, i did this and set the geofilter on filtering mode + strict. But when i start the game and in the multiplayer menu i can't see any of the servers on the map. What am i doing wrong ? Greetz NLvice
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