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Firmware is bugged (Nighthawk XR450)

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UPDATE - just read several posts with similar issues (and lengthy failed troubleshooting attempts,) the one common item is the .66 firmware was recently installed...

Hi All,

Hoping to find some assistance here ASAP. We have 4 kids home schooling so connectivity is a must have! The other day the "wifi went out" suddenly on my kids.

Then I noticed my work laptop went offline also (which is hardwired back to a netgear prosafe 16 port switch, which is connected to the router.) All of my traffic goes through the switch. I have a Linksys Velop mesh wifi with 4 nodes all wired back to the switch. After rebooting the Velop system and the XR450 connectivity came back on. Then the wifi was spotty and noticed that only 2 of the nodes were connected to the network. Power cycled those and they came back on. I went into the Device Manager and noticed that 25% of my devices (all which I have named) did not have IP addresses. There were duplicate entries for some with their "natural" device names. I went through and cleanded all that up) 

Now some devices still drop connection to the network and sometimes reconnect if I power cycle them, sometimes they don't. The WebUI is sometimes responsive and somtimes won't load anything at all (wired connect, full access to other websites.) I have a 1 GB connection. 

Any suggestions as to what might have caused this? Maybe the latest firmware is bugged? I'm rebooting the router every couple of hours (when the issue happens) which works for a short time. 

  • DumaOS A7Legit
  • Netduma OS won't load anything on routerlogin.net or directly (or loads slowly and sometimes times out) - other websites load fine (wired connection)
  • Nighthawk mobile app working intermittently ver.
  • XR450 firmware
  • devices keep randomly disconnecting and won't reconnect
  • some devices in device manager don't have IP addresses
  • rebooted router multiple times, rebooted all affected devices
  • using linksys velop for wifi (bridge mode) - these devices also lost connection and needed to be rebooted
  • also happening with hard wired devices
  • have seen at least one error message "cannot resolve ip address" on one wifi device (android tablet)
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