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High ping Warzone on PC


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I can’t seem to find a match under 100 ping on Warzone with my new $3k PC. I’m coming from Xbox and I never had this issue with awful latency this bad. 

I have Comcast gigabit internet 1000/1000. Since my PC is the only thing that uses data when I’m gaming, I have all QOS features and bandwidth throttling features turned off, and I’ve made sure my PC is in filtering mode (I’ve even deleted this and re added with no results)


can anyone help? I’m in the bay area CA so I’m not sure why I’m not able to connect to dedicated servers as I know for a fact there is one in Northern California. 

thank you

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Are you using the R2? If so which firmware version are you on?

Do a Connection Benchmark test and post the results here please. Also provide a screenshot of your Geo-Filter settings please.


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