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Allow / Deny is not working

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Good chance this is my last post ever on this forum!!


Netduma is pointless, might as well be using my BT smart hub router


I've already made a few topics on the issues with this router to no avail, from R1 then XR500 and eventually XR700 thinking each apparition would be an improvement on the last, how wrong was I!!


Still to this day the false hope system isn't working aka the Allow/Deny, turns out the issue has been around since 2015, so seeing as we are 5yrs in I don't think my last post about it a couple of months ago was the one that put it across the tipping point of fixes....!!!!


Do they ever fix anything that's brought up in this forum, seeing as I've been through it all with R1 right to the XR700 I can say with some degree of confidence they don't.


I had to reset my XR700 the other day using the 30/30/30 because it just would not reset in the "normal" fashion, and I thought I ain't going to re-install my backup, I will start afresh and see what happens


Well within a couple of hours it was already putting me into the new denies from the near empty allow/deny list, and tonight has been the straw that broke the camel's back, it simply does not do what it says on the tin, QoS temperamental, Allow/Deny simply not working and hasn't been fixed since it was mentioned on this forum in 2015, faith in ping and geo filter is maybe holding out, but not so sure.


Oh well, money well spent......lol


Ans before we start the old post images etc etc I've been there too many times and you out with the same repetitive bull, of try this and that blah blah, so I wont be doing that again


Now if someone out there has a router they use that does help get better connections then by all means let me know so I can look into it, because as it stands the flagship (once upon a time) simply doesn't do it



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2 hours ago, Netduma Fraser said:

Are you wanting help with the issues or just expressing your disappointment? I am happy to help you. New build of XR500 went out last night and 3.0 for XR700 should be out very soon as well.

@Netduma Fraser You have done your best to help with this issue in the past, which was much appreciated, but its still the same, and I don't want to put you and me through the rig marol of that again


So its just a post expressing my disappointment at the seemingly lack of urgency to fix the basics of the allow/deny list as that is a fundamental piece of the "never play on a bad connection again"

I hope your right about the 3.0 for xr700, but we've also heard that phrase regularly over the last few months, I hope its sooner rather than later, and if the allow/deny works then I'll be happy.

Stay safe boss

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