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  1. @Netduma Fraser How do I find location of a denied server to put the geo radius around it to test?
  2. So a wee update for you @Netduma Fraser Kept geo radius in ocean and set PA to 0 and no games. Then put location over home town and put PA to 0, and put on COD profile for geo, got games but no denied connections, though the games were atrocious doing it that way, Put myself back out in the middle of atlantic, min radius for geo, set PA to 35 (base ping i get is 25!!) and on friday the first game was a denied connection. Tried it but it lived up to its tag, so left. Games after that were all ok, as in no denied connections. On saturday it did the same again, with the same settings as mentioned above, where it put me into a denied connection, now tbh I can't remember if it was first game, but think it was 2 or 3 games in when it happened, tried the game it was as named so just left, after which there was no other denied connections for the rest of the session. Very strange, it's almost like PA is overruling allow/deny list, but surely not!
  3. Up until that point I thought it was working as per described. So I am assuming it was denying connections. I will monitor it and see if there is a pattern, for example on the XR500 it was allowing denied peers and dedicated servers, this one was a dedicated server. When/if it happens again I will take a screenshot again, and if its a dedicated server again I'll let ya know, also if its a peer!! I'm praying that this is just a wee glitch and it will sort itself out!! Just thinking, could it be because I was basically using ping to find lobbies, and this server was within that rule, so it overruled the deny?? It was the first time I had positioned myself in the ocean and used ping since I got the XR700!! I will keep it like that for a few days and see if it happens again, and then do a few days as per the usual geo filter profile for call of duty and putting my location over home area, just to see if it happens again while set up one way or other! Hope that made sense
  4. So, login into netduma, I check my geo filter settings and flush the cloud, once thats done I check my QoS and when happy I boot up my PS4, log into the game, go onto private match and have a warm up game against bots. I then look for TDM, search for game, join a game and I will normally know within a few minutes in game, so if hit detection bad or game just not feeling fluid I then deny the server, sometimes I stay in game until the end, if the game is near finished and I joined late. If I leave or when game is finished, I come out of the MW search game screen (the part where it automatically looks for your next game) and I then wait for the icon on the geo filter to disappear before I search for the next game, I started doing all that when you were trying to sort out the same issue I was having with the XR500. Like I said I have only had the XR700 since June 25th, and this happened yesterday, and first thoughts automatically go to what happened on the XR500, and a here we go again moment. The above pic was the very first game off the night, and it put me into a denied server, which to me is just going to be XR500 over again!! Not sure there is anything you can say here that you have not already told me to do with my XR500, just wanted you to be aware that it has happened again, with the upgraded router, brand new and barely used.
  5. @Netduma Fraser nope I'm not referring to the ones on the list on the left, I was gonna say that in original post. I am referring to the one in the Auto Ping window. As I always do as I go into game I have a look at the auto ping window to see if this is an OK/Great or unnamed server and to see it had connected me into one that I had already added to the deny list was disappointing to say the least!! Had this issue with the XR500, and now a 5 day old XR700. On a positive, the wifi has increased significantly throughout the house, though most equipment is hard wired in.
  6. Attached picture says it all. XR700 delivered (25th June 2020) to replace XR500 due to lack of faith that it was doing what it says on the tin!! Many posts from me about getting put onto connections that were denied, with screenshots, and all options given then failed to do anything.....zero...zilch....F.All!!! And lo and behold this happens tonight.....onto a denied dedicated server.....I mean what's the point, very expensive piece of skit for it not to do its one and only job, and to say the game was as bad with hit detection as horrendous as the night it got added to deny list would be an understatement. But hey it does have lights in its wifi aerials.......yay!!!
  7. I've been away just over 5 weeks for work and before I even think about playing modern warfare I have a question for @Netduma Alex Has the modern warfare cloud update been pushed out yet? I don't expect much will have changed since I've been away. I'm happy that yours is working as expected @PurpleHaze
  8. Silence is defening 'sigh' Away for work again on Thursday so doubt anything will get sorted now! On another note a mate was able to join my lobby, which in previous versions couldn't happen without me first expanding the geo circle and adding him to the allow list. Has this also changed
  9. @Netduma Fraser Well after a couple of hours of gameplay I get the dreaded denied server which I get connected too, and the resultant game is horrendous. I have found since the R1 days that the c72 cluster of servers just do not allow me decent gameplay, not even a shoot first die first....more a look at the enemy with finger in arse and then die...or that's what the kill cam would show anyway lol But seriously this is getting tedious, I have plenty of servers on allow, including dedicated servers but I can only think of one time when that has happened. What can I do to sort this?? Bad enough that Modern warfare kicks everyone out of lobby to start hunt for new match, just for me to end up in a denied server, which I promptly leave as don't want grief, only reason went into tonights was because it took long enough to find game, So for you info Loc - middle of Atlantic, Ping - 40ms (base ping is 29), strict mode on, auto ping on, fast search unticked. PS4 and this computer connected via LAN. QoS set to 70% on both
  10. @sharpz44 Not sure which cabinet but will find out, and cheers for the link, will do that tomorrow
  11. @Netduma Fraser No probs finding of games now, though before my mate refreshed firmware via tftp it did nothing, as could still get in games...so at least I know that's fixed. Now to put PS4 into rest mode, put settings back to what it was, leave a couple of mins and reboot console, and see what happens....will update if I end up in denied servers again!
  12. @Netduma Fraser how do I turn of ping assist?
  13. @Netduma Alex @Netduma Fraser Early hours this morning, go into game, shoot at an individual, no hitmakers register even though weapon on point and he turns round and does me like a kipper with barely a bullet, going by killcam!! So deny the connection and mark it Fucking Shit.....leave game....wait a few mins, toilet break....look for next game and hey presto I end up in lobby I denied a toilet break ago.... see pics One pic shows the connection, and the other shows the filter was on, third was an after thought but thought I'd add anyway to show denied. This all after my mate re-done the firmware!!! IMHO its got downhill since the R1.....and I put the blame 80/20 netgear
  14. Hey @bagsta69 yeah, changed them out. I'm beginning to think the drop outs are defo the modems, vigor 130 which mate gave me is more stable but still the odd dropout. Going to order the modem recommended further up the thread, but away early next week so will leave it until home again.
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