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  1. Yeah I've seen that before but haven't made the link between dedicated and peer when it comes to disconnecting from game when denying, but will be looking again when I get back. Cheers for the info and clarification though
  2. Must admit never noticed the text, will keep an eye open for that one now.
  3. I have been fiddling about with it and it seems that the allow/deny works when ping assist is set to 0 If its on a normal setting like 20/30 or whatever your ping is etc its like the ping assist over-rides the allow/deny. I think its also stops it from adding a deny to the list, as every time I have denied a connection with ping assist on, it surrounds the icon with white dots but doesn't actually block the connection, whereas when the ping assist is set to 0 it blocks and kicks me out of the game. Just a little info on what I have experienced tonight, could be a placebo effect or something a bit more!! I do admit though, networking/technology is not a strong point.
  4. Now its back to normal!!! Wont deny anything and puts me into previous denied games again, difference now is that when I was getting the deny to work and then kicked out of games like old R1, the denied one would get the slash through it, like pics posted here on Thursday. Now it just puts a circle of dots around the icon, doesn't kick me out of game, and has tried to put me back into denied games......aaarrrggghh
  5. Yeah blocked peers seem to still get through, though tad early to really say, will do some testing. Dedicated actually kicks out and like pics say puts a slash through icon, so delighted will let you know if peers is still playing up
  6. Could it be!!!! Seems like the Allow/Deny is now working, but if you have any servers/peers on your list, it will still put you to them but if you hit Deny again it now puts a line through the icon and you get kicked from the game. Only just seen this tonight after going on after a week away working, so hopefully its not just a placebo effect from something else, noticed though it doesn't seem to affect peers!!
  7. I tried this last night, Put ring over France, as when I do get a decent server its there, put ping assist down to 0, and tbh I thought it was working but low and behold up it came again, a nicely tagged dedicated server, that had been denied, buy end of session keeping same settings a denied connection came up a few times. On the R1 it was good as you knew for definite it was working, you got kicked out of the lobby, I wish the DumaOS would do that, but it doesn't! Surely ping assist shouldn't be able to override the deny list? The Allow/Deny should have overriding say on wether a connection to a server/peer should be allowed. Thats how I thought it worked. Anyway either or it didn't matter as it didn't work, as it still put me into a denied connection!
  8. Thought I'd plug the xr500 back in again......what a disaster!!! Knew the allow deny wasn't working when I factory reset again tonight, which I don't think reseting regularly can be a good thing, to start all over with a fresh slate and still when I hit deny nothing happened, at least with the R1 it would kick you out of the game, so you knew for def it was working. Putting me back into denied games, will this ever work? Is there a possible update on when it would be workable?
  9. Yeah, as soon as I've pinged it manually to check I always put back to auto ping and it picks up the host again.
  10. Nope defo not working, full factory reset and still putting into games which have been denied. Noticed as well that sometimes it would not auto ping host, just say there is no host to ping, so I unticked that feature just to ping that host/server in that game it was also from the denied list, don't know if its tied with the issue. Attached pic atta
  11. I'll do that, hopefully it will work. Cheers Fraser
  12. Happy New Year guys best of 2019 to you all. Anyway a New Year but sadly same old shite. Time to give up and move back to my wrt1900ac!! So the first post about allow/deny was April 2018 as I wasn't sure it was working, after months of putting up with getting put back into servers/players that had been denied I put up another query in October 2018. Again November 2018 And again today Jan 2019!! Almost 9 months and after having just moved home I have managed to get my new desk and gaming setup sorted, to find I go on for a game and it puts me straight into a denied server, I know this as I tag the really bad ones 'Fucking Shite' in capitals so I don't miss it, due to previous experience of this not working. So I decide to play it as new home, new line etc, but nope it lived up to its tag!! So when is this going to actually get sorted, I am planning on putting the xr500 back into its box tomorrow or day after (box is in the loft) and was wondering wether to put it in the loft, if its gonna be a long term wait, or in the small storage cupboard I have beside my setup if a fix is due out shortly. Shame really after how well the original R1 fared.
  13. I have noticed that the QoS flower has every device on it, wether that device is connected or offline. Would it be possible that the flower only show devices alive and kicking, I like to use it to throttle my connection to the game, by adjusting max mb to my device and then unticking share excess, I've had some success with this, but when it has soo many devices shown as connected, when some are not, the percentages that are given to other devices are very small and can cause poor connections for family. I usually go into device manager and delete each offline item manually, but as you probs know this is very time consuming. Hope the above made sense lol
  14. Cheers Jack and no probs. In relation to my cash grab sentence, it wasn't aimed at the netduma team, it was aimed at Netgear. I know you guys are very proud and have worked hard to get your software where it is today, and things will only get better. Just its very infuriating when these issues with allow/deny have been going on for a while, and the only thing thats holding the fix back is Netgear
  15. Thanks for the very quick reply so late Fraser. Just want to say that I do not click on the X on the panel that shows what the xr500 is pinging, as I found out not to long after the purchase that clicking on X on that panel stopped the auto ping completely.....which tbh should maybe pull up a confirm box! Guess your stuck in the bureaucracy of Netgear to say when this fix will actually appear for us on the frontline, as I get the feeling they aint to bothered now they have the cash!!!
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