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  1. Silence is defening 'sigh' Away for work again on Thursday so doubt anything will get sorted now! On another note a mate was able to join my lobby, which in previous versions couldn't happen without me first expanding the geo circle and adding him to the allow list. Has this also changed
  2. @Netduma Fraser Well after a couple of hours of gameplay I get the dreaded denied server which I get connected too, and the resultant game is horrendous. I have found since the R1 days that the c72 cluster of servers just do not allow me decent gameplay, not even a shoot first die first....more a look at the enemy with finger in arse and then die...or that's what the kill cam would show anyway lol But seriously this is getting tedious, I have plenty of servers on allow, including dedicated servers but I can only think of one time when that has happened. What can I do to sort this?? Bad enough that Modern warfare kicks everyone out of lobby to start hunt for new match, just for me to end up in a denied server, which I promptly leave as don't want grief, only reason went into tonights was because it took long enough to find game, So for you info Loc - middle of Atlantic, Ping - 40ms (base ping is 29), strict mode on, auto ping on, fast search unticked. PS4 and this computer connected via LAN. QoS set to 70% on both
  3. @sharpz44 Not sure which cabinet but will find out, and cheers for the link, will do that tomorrow
  4. @Netduma Fraser No probs finding of games now, though before my mate refreshed firmware via tftp it did nothing, as could still get in games...so at least I know that's fixed. Now to put PS4 into rest mode, put settings back to what it was, leave a couple of mins and reboot console, and see what happens....will update if I end up in denied servers again!
  5. @Netduma Fraser how do I turn of ping assist?
  6. @Netduma Alex @Netduma Fraser Early hours this morning, go into game, shoot at an individual, no hitmakers register even though weapon on point and he turns round and does me like a kipper with barely a bullet, going by killcam!! So deny the connection and mark it Fucking Shit.....leave game....wait a few mins, toilet break....look for next game and hey presto I end up in lobby I denied a toilet break ago.... see pics One pic shows the connection, and the other shows the filter was on, third was an after thought but thought I'd add anyway to show denied. This all after my mate re-done the firmware!!! IMHO its got downhill since the R1.....and I put the blame 80/20 netgear
  7. Hey @bagsta69 yeah, changed them out. I'm beginning to think the drop outs are defo the modems, vigor 130 which mate gave me is more stable but still the odd dropout. Going to order the modem recommended further up the thread, but away early next week so will leave it until home again.
  8. Thats the way I feel at the moment too, bloody annoying, especially at the premium price, R1 was brilliant too.
  9. I've tried that a couple of times now, and no difference, nothing to lose trying it the way @Netduma Alex said further up this thread. The way its acting it may as well be bricked!!
  10. I've got a mate coming over to try re flash the firmware on it again, he's a bit more computer savvy than me, and knows about the TFTP you mentioned further up this thread @Netduma Alex
  11. @Netduma Alex When I did this early hours last night, when I turned on PS4 and logged in it showed the server in Rep of Ire, and when I went searching for a game it came up with the peer icon roughly middle of Germany. There was no other Icons showing on the map.
  12. Faith is completely gone now. Done everything asked of me in this thread, less the refresh of firmware! So decided the best way to test if it is working was to do something that I tried ages back when I got it to see iff it done what it said on the tin!! So I put the geo filter to smallest setting and placed my location into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and then put ping assist to 0, strict mode enabled...this in the past got me zero games. Hell one time I went for a number 2 and came back and still had no game with these settings. As an extra I deleted all the list in the allow/deny so I had a blank canvas. So settings into router, left for at least a couple of minutes, then turned PS4 on, and booted Modern Warfare up. Now I expected to get no games, but not now though!!! Yep got into a game reasonably quick, about 15-20 secs with a ping of 37, Germany going by the map.....and before the question comes, no fast search was not ticked. If someone can explain why, in a common sense way, I managed to get into a game from the middle of the ocean with ping assist set to zero, with strict mode on then my faith may be slightly lifted but as it stands I doubt anyone can now convince me this thing is working. As it stands it looks to me like the software, which worked pretty flawlessly with the R1, is not working with my xr500......though it did, now it seems to be doing diddly squat, and of course netgear are not known for their support, once they have your hard earned cash.....well hmmm.....and this cost some good hard earned cash
  13. Also just remembered, it used to kick me out of games when I hit the deny button, but notice that never happens now.
  14. @Netduma Fraser When I ping the denied server the name I use comes up too. Its very tedious, so today, I have completely cleared cache from computer, factory reset Vigor130, factory reset the xr500, rebuilt database on PS4. So in theory everything was clean. I have then taken my back up of the xr500 and installed my allow/deny list again. About to go on for a game to see how it pans out, but not confident the xr500 is doing what it was bought to do..... Seen someone said about changing a channel on the router but wouldn't know why that would work as I'm wired in with the important devices.
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