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  1. I'll chip in until @Netduma Fraser or @Netduma Liam gets to you; I guess your using connection benchmark for your speed test with router, if so ignore that there is known issues, I would do a speediest via chrome or something and manually put those speeds into your QoS I wouldn't recommend using a VPN, especially if gaming on fast paced shooters like COD, it will cause lag and/or packet loss, even the so called Fast gaming isn't recommended, see battlenonsense on youtube As long as you add your device into the geofilter and switch it to filtering before you game then all will be good, then if you want when done gaming switch it off again, I find for me (PC) steam has issues logging in when filtering on. For friends the way I do it is I open my filter up by expanding the circle or polygon area and get friends to join, I then add them to my allow/deny list so they are whitelisted and allowed to join me when I have my circle/polygon back to its normal size, bit of a flaff but should only need done once. Hope that helps until the main guys see your post, oh and if you want them to see it quicker just do [email protected] then start typing netduma and their names will list for you to tag them Happy gaming
  2. Hey @Netduma FraserI currently have it set up via dmz through BT HH, I will do as you ask on Sunday or Monday, as was planning on doing some more testing then anyway. Speeds with home hub is 24ping 72 d/l 18.8 u/l Speeds via XR700 27ping 10 d/l 18.6 u/l xr700 is basically set up as an access point with those tests, and hence no QoS, and everything is basically on par. Just FYI the only thing connected to the XR700 is m y gaming PC, everything else is connected to BT HH. Like I say I'm planning on doing some more testing, for example XR700 in router mode via dmz (access point obviously gives no access to router full capabilities) and see how speeds stack up....will probs do that one tomorrow, so will post results here again. I do think the main issues with this router is the QoS and the Allow Deny as still getting put into servers that have been denied, but the allow deny os not what this topic is about. When house is quieter I will reconnect open reach modem and do the testing you ask above and let you know
  3. Sorry for late reply, @Netduma Fraser strange one that mac address then!! Yes the timezone is correct in system information, GMT. I've re-installed 3.0 as wanted to test speed again, with your normal firmware I get almost my full speeds (72d/l 18u/l) so I get 23ping, 70 d/l and 16 u/l When I have 3.0 installed I get 34ping and between 32-64 d/l and 16 u/l ( no QoS in operation and share excess enabled) Oh and only me using the internet for the tests. I may be cynical here but are these issues on the forum mainly on netgear devices or does it also happen on the R2
  4. So it seems every 20-30 mins it does a random disconnect from the internet, and every time its saying what I've posted above with that MAC. I've decided to offload the Dumaos 3.0 and go back to its original firmware to see what happens. It is getting tiresome though, seems every other day there is something which then has to be rebooted, re-installed or multiple combinations of different modems/router combinations to try figure out how to get a good connection, like I had when I first upgraded from xr500 to xr700, don't know what's changed recently to cause this as I only use it for QoS and the polygon geo, everything else is basically as is now I'm back to original firmware so sadly only one location for geo!! Oh well
  5. and again @Netduma Fraser [LAN access from remote] from to, Monday, March 08, 2021 17:45:38 [Internet connected] IP address: *********, Monday, March 08, 2021 17:45:38 [WLAN access rejected: incorrect security] from MAC address ee:c9:25:10:61:f9, Monday, March 08, 2021 17:45:11 [Internet disconnected] Monday, March 08, 2021 17:44:35 same mac address which I have no clue what it is!!!!
  6. And internet drop again; [Internet connected] IP address: ************, Monday, March 08, 2021 17:30:04 [WLAN access rejected: incorrect security] from MAC address ee:c9:25:10:61:f9, Monday, March 08, 2021 17:29:53 [admin login] from source, Monday, March 08, 2021 17:29:38 [Internet disconnected] Monday, March 08, 2021 17:28:57 Hope it isn't going to do this every couple of hours!!! Edit; Looked up MAC in device manager and no device I have on my network has that mac address!!
  7. So that's the firmware uploaded via tftp. One thing that has happened pretty much within minutes since it was uploaded was the connection completely dropped, looked at logs and it said; Internet Disconnected Monday. March 08. 2021 15:47: 42 QoS application exception: error: exec 'tc disc add dev ppp0 root handle 2: prio band, Monday, March 08, 2021 15:48:26 followed by Internet connected IP address *********** Monday, March 08, 2021 15:48:41 Will keep a close eye on things over the next week and see if the connection keeps dropping or if I get the speed issues again.
  8. I'll give that a go on Monday, not truly a tech whiz when it comes to the likes of this tftp stuff and all that but will read the guide and give it a go. Just to confirm if I make a tit of it, the router won't be bricked?? expensive router to brick, even though it seems like its got as many glitches as Cold War
  9. @Netduma Fraser So its been 10 days roughly, I've now used 3 modems (netgear, Vigor, Openreach) and the HH (using DMZ) and I still get very slow speeds, completely out of the blue, its like the QoS is going nuts, but only on the D/L, tonight on gaming PC it was .30 D/L 15 U/L, on Mac it was 1.5 D/L and 13 U/L on iPhone it was 2.3 D/L and 15 U/L and back to gaming PC 1.10 D/L and 13.5 U/L When gaming I have the D/L set on 60% and U/L on 75%, this get set to always about 10-15 mins before gaming and then I set it to never after gaming session finished, that's the routine every day I game, and it seems every few days the above happens!! I will be resetting it for the 3rd time in the last 10 days tomorrow (today by time you read it as it is 2am lol) If it happens again I will revert back to non beta firmware and see if it happens again. Any thoughts or guidance appreciated
  10. Great guess then, I'd never even thought about the ping variances, but will for future trouble shooting, cheers boss
  11. Right so just a wee update, I was looking for my HH when I came across the vigor 130 modem (thought I'd got rid of it lol) and I'd read what Newfie had said about the DM200 having issues, so I thought I'd throw on the vigor. Anyways about 20 mins in and 3 tests done and all speed test in and around the same speeds etc, wether the "test pc" mobile phone laptop or ipad. So hopefully issue is resolved, but will let you know for definite tomorrow
  12. Nice shout, just so happened I went into one of the cupboards to get the HH and there was a vigor 130 modem, so I've thrown it on and set it all up and so far so good. Will test every 10 mins for an hour and see how it holds. Great shout though on the DM200, first couple of 10 min tests in and all good
  13. Yeah it is, I’ve got an openreach one, have a shot to my brother but he’s never used it, he’s gonna bring it back hopefully at weekend, so will give that a try. ah ok, understood handshake but didn’t think of it in that way doh!! Will put details back in router 👍 I have been doing Wi-fi speed tests too from iMac and it’s pretty much the same 😳 I’ll try home hub in dmz like Fraser says until openreach modem appears would you recommend a specific modem? Or are they all such and such?
  14. I can do that, probs be tomorrow now but will get things set up, let’s kids have some form of internet lol aye it’s a beast of a monitor, Samsung 49” curved monitor
  15. Sadly spoke too soon back to the atrocious internet speeds again 'sigh'
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