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  1. Just a quick update for you @Netduma Fraser; So been doing the aforementioned since Thursday last week and had a heavy gaming session at the weekend, and so far zero lobbies where I have previously put the connection on the deny list. Seems to be a better connection too, for the best part, but probs placebo, any bad connections added to deny list have never re-appeared. Though I must say that when I add a connection to the deny list after finding game via manual ping, the interface shows it different....i.e a line through a dedicated server, or if its a connection marked as peer when I add that the map shows up all the servers again, just like it does when you first connect to game online. Seeing that gives me more confidence that its doing as advertised. Quick question.....Do you know when dumaos 3.0 beta available for XR700? would love to test that too if possible.
  2. @Netduma Fraser cancel last managed to get it to work.....bit off a DOH!!! moment, but all is looking good, suppose test will be in the gaming....or at least another excuse lol
  3. So @Netduma Fraser I connected the XR500 to the XR700 but when I go to settings for the WAN IP it just says, and I'm guessing that aint right. So to give you some background; xr500 connected to xr700 via ethernet into ethernet port on the back (not yellow connection) power up does get internet, but connection keeps reloading, no doubt due to double nat when I go to find the WAN IP like I say above it just says Where have I gone wrong?
  4. Cheers @Netduma Fraser So just for clarity, like I say not the best at this, I connect the XR500 into any of the ethernet ports in the back of my XR700 and assign the XR500 IP address into the default dmz server in the settings>wan setup? By doing that he will gain full access to internet, and still be able to utilise the full capabilities of the XR500 (geo etc) whilst not affecting the settings I have in the XR700? Only looking to do something like this because as soon as I start playing COD I change the settings, and if he is in another game, like destiny for example, then I change the profile from destiny to my settings then surely it will affect his game too? Hope this babble made sense lol
  5. So I'll keep this simple, in the hope the replies will be the same lol I'm no network whiz by any means, so looking for advice/guidance. Since getting the XR700 my XR500 is sitting gathering dust, so was wondering a few things, like setting it up for my son to use for his gaming etc so; 1/ Can I connect it to my XR700 and use it as an access point, and still be able to use the features like geo filter/Ping assist etc for the devices that connect to the XR500? 2/ If that is possible is there an idiots guide for dummies on how to achieve this? Thanks in advance
  6. Well that didn't take long @Netduma Fraser Very first game of the day, following the same setup as is laid out on this thread, with the only difference being is that auto ping was left on/checked and straight onto a connection that has been denied!! And boy did it live up to its name.....lasted just over 3 mins in the match for testing purposes Know which way I'll be searching from games from now on. Think this could be proof that the auto ping looks like it is overriding the allow/deny list, only because all last night with it off and not one game on a denied connection, and today with it on....boom straight in!!! Thoughts?
  7. Hey @Netduma Fraser So just a quick update; Using the method that I described previously on this thread I have had 3hrs and 15mins of gameplay and not one denied connection was had.....not one. This makes me think that there must be some override of allow/deny list by auto ping!! Just to confirm that thought I will have a go tomorrow searching for games with auto ping checked and see if it connects me to denied connections again. Games have been very solid, better than they have been for a long time, though there is bad ones from time to time, which is to be expected, now I have a little more confidence when I add that poor connection to the allow/deny list which is growing each day I do the unchecked auto ping way, and if tomorrows testing with it checked again has it going back to old ways then I will be full of confidence in it again. If I motivate myself I may hook up the XR500 and see if it works the same on there, or maybe someone reading this with an XR500 could test and post result. On a side note, I don't seem to be getting as many dedicated server connections this way either, which delights me as every time I was placed on a dedi it was a nightmare, shoot first die first, round the corner deaths etc etc Anyways I will let you know how the auto ping checked whilst searching for a game goes later today.....cant believe its 0120hrs!!!
  8. So thought I'd do some quick testing on disabling the auto ping feature when searching for a match. Here's what I have been doing so far @Netduma Fraser; So set up my router as per my usual, middle of atlantic, smallest radius, PA to 35ms. Reboot router On boot up go to geo filter and uncheck auto ping Boot up game Search for match When it connects to a peer/dedi manually ping the connection (since doing this, couple of hours now, it has not once put me into a denied connection) When in game change to auto ping (gives more info for tick rate etc, which is handy as using a forum members way of stabilising the router which is working, can't remember his user but think its DMC something) Game plays pretty flawless, could be placebo off manual ping and stabilisation technique, Will test further tomorrow when I can, but early indications look like the auto ping may be overriding the allow/deny list. Also on a side note, why do we not get the same amount of info on a manual ping that we get when we use auto ping?? Also on another side note.....I have noticed while not every game is perfect, when I do deny a connection the icon changes to an stroked out icon, yet when doing that using auto ping it never done that!!
  9. A note about my previous post, both pics were taken after searches with the PA set at 0, hope that makes sense. Not sure if this is what your after @Netduma Fraser I set the radius over the dedicated server area which it put me into a game with earlier whe geo was over south coast of England with PA set to 0, I also set the PA to 0 and got the below pic (first one) dedicated server. Then set radius over same location as per earlier post, PA on 0 and got the second pic, though this time it added me to a denied connection within the geo filter, it still picked up the one outside, I disable auto ping to see if it has same id etc, noticed it didn't have the wee triangle on it like other connections have if outwith of parameters. I'm surprised how many connections I have denied that keep coming up, yet none of the ones I have tagged as allowed have ever come up. On a side note is it worth disabling auto ping and manually pinging connections to see if that will prevent connecting to denied connections, I am beginning to think ping is overriding the allow/deny list and wonder if it may be the auto ping feature??
  10. @Netduma Fraser so the pics below is what I done to try and recreate what you were after. So set up netduma with the radius in a location where I had an idea a denied connection was and set PA at 0. Turned PS4 on and booted up game. And first game it put me into a dedicated server which shows up as located in france and outwith the radius (which of course could be misplaced) so came out. Turned off PS4, Rebooted router, left router settings as above Turned on PS4 booted up game, and the second pic with icon inside radius was the first game it put me into. Guidance on this appreciated, I will now reset my settings back to middle of atlantic and PA @ 35ms and see what happens.
  11. @Netduma Fraser How do I find location of a denied server to put the geo radius around it to test?
  12. So a wee update for you @Netduma Fraser Kept geo radius in ocean and set PA to 0 and no games. Then put location over home town and put PA to 0, and put on COD profile for geo, got games but no denied connections, though the games were atrocious doing it that way, Put myself back out in the middle of atlantic, min radius for geo, set PA to 35 (base ping i get is 25!!) and on friday the first game was a denied connection. Tried it but it lived up to its tag, so left. Games after that were all ok, as in no denied connections. On saturday it did the same again, with the same settings as mentioned above, where it put me into a denied connection, now tbh I can't remember if it was first game, but think it was 2 or 3 games in when it happened, tried the game it was as named so just left, after which there was no other denied connections for the rest of the session. Very strange, it's almost like PA is overruling allow/deny list, but surely not!
  13. Up until that point I thought it was working as per described. So I am assuming it was denying connections. I will monitor it and see if there is a pattern, for example on the XR500 it was allowing denied peers and dedicated servers, this one was a dedicated server. When/if it happens again I will take a screenshot again, and if its a dedicated server again I'll let ya know, also if its a peer!! I'm praying that this is just a wee glitch and it will sort itself out!! Just thinking, could it be because I was basically using ping to find lobbies, and this server was within that rule, so it overruled the deny?? It was the first time I had positioned myself in the ocean and used ping since I got the XR700!! I will keep it like that for a few days and see if it happens again, and then do a few days as per the usual geo filter profile for call of duty and putting my location over home area, just to see if it happens again while set up one way or other! Hope that made sense
  14. So, login into netduma, I check my geo filter settings and flush the cloud, once thats done I check my QoS and when happy I boot up my PS4, log into the game, go onto private match and have a warm up game against bots. I then look for TDM, search for game, join a game and I will normally know within a few minutes in game, so if hit detection bad or game just not feeling fluid I then deny the server, sometimes I stay in game until the end, if the game is near finished and I joined late. If I leave or when game is finished, I come out of the MW search game screen (the part where it automatically looks for your next game) and I then wait for the icon on the geo filter to disappear before I search for the next game, I started doing all that when you were trying to sort out the same issue I was having with the XR500. Like I said I have only had the XR700 since June 25th, and this happened yesterday, and first thoughts automatically go to what happened on the XR500, and a here we go again moment. The above pic was the very first game off the night, and it put me into a denied server, which to me is just going to be XR500 over again!! Not sure there is anything you can say here that you have not already told me to do with my XR500, just wanted you to be aware that it has happened again, with the upgraded router, brand new and barely used.
  15. @Netduma Fraser nope I'm not referring to the ones on the list on the left, I was gonna say that in original post. I am referring to the one in the Auto Ping window. As I always do as I go into game I have a look at the auto ping window to see if this is an OK/Great or unnamed server and to see it had connected me into one that I had already added to the deny list was disappointing to say the least!! Had this issue with the XR500, and now a 5 day old XR700. On a positive, the wifi has increased significantly throughout the house, though most equipment is hard wired in.
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