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QoS Bandwidth Allocation Info?


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Hi Team i have some questions in relation to the Bandwith Allocation. looking at the Guild the Netduma and Telstra offical and i cant see any info that drills down on each Applicaions. ill give you an example. 

Discord does this fall under Chat & Messaging or VOIP?

Lifesteam is that streaming Netflix or does that fall under Media?

What is Classed as Media are we talking DLNA?

would plex or kodi come under media livestram or file sharing? 

File sharing is that Network file sharing or P2P or usenet? 

i have swapped over to devices to set my allocation but i am interested to know about the application side



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You don't have this yet but most likely in one of the next versions you'll have a ? icon next to Applications where it will tell you what is included in each category. I'll provide the screenshots so you can see what is currently covered, we will of course continue to update it. Sorry in advance for the photos.


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