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  1. Hi all. I know the LH1000 is in Alpha is there a Beta out yet. i have reset the OS and still so slow i cant even mod anything. the GUI is saying i have enough ram ect. i really dont want to have to remove it. i have tried other browsers and its all the same.
  2. Hi Team i see an Option on the Duma app for Game Optimizer but app will not log into the modem. im using a LH1000 used default details does not want to work?
  3. @tjw101 and @Cameron Thanks so much for that. i have an Technicolor DJA0231 also i have set it up but its on Firmware Version 18.1.c.0514-950-RB there is one more FW update but it does not like it and fails to install does it need to be on 18.1.c.0543-950-RA ? im getting and error when it goes to install this Firmware getting programing firmware fail and resorces exceeded. feel free to move this post or tell me where best to post this question. also if the modem can do game optimiser on 18.1.c.0514-950-RB is there a reason why DumaOS will not run my understanding ths a T code is sent to modem with a command to turn on the OS. is there a way to force this or do i need to remove it from my account if i do it says ill be out of trial and will not be billed? just dont want to remove the option off the account if i dont need to.
  4. I have an LH100 and the GUI is slow all the time. others devices and browsers same issues getting Json errors and QoS setting not saving.
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