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Can't fill a lobby / Geo filter issue COD MW

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Geo filtering worked great for a few months. Suddenly recently it is not working right. I can't set a polygon or a radius (1200 KM) that gets me the best COD MW servers like I used to be able to. If I do a polygon around servers in NY/Wisconsin/ Seattle that I ping well to in the heat map (for me 35-50 ping is good), then the lobbies don't fill up. If I click fast search or unclick strict mode then it puts me in 150 ping lobbies with players from brazil or south america. So that obviously isn't an option. 

This only happens in CDL lobbies. Pub lobbies work flawless. Only change I did recently was some port forwarding that was recommended in another thread, but I can't imagine that impacts CDL Lobbies? It works great in pub lobbies, but not in CDL lobbies. Advise how to get geo filtering to work again?



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