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  1. oh disregard, I clicked around and got it to return..lol All set!
  2. Also, I did a full factory reset and the window remainded closed. Didn't return to how it was originally that way either...
  3. I closed the small window from the Geo Filter Rapp and can't get it back. The ones in the bottom right where you allow/deny users. I can't uninstall and re-install the rapp from the store, the buttons are inactive. My login doesn't work to log in as myself to the Rapp store. Says I was logged in as Luke. Advise how to restore the window.
  4. My testing account has 37 matches played and a .41 KD. That's high, it will probably be .3, but I got carried away and did well with my sniper lol. 19% accuracy. Maybe I need to test LMG's to lower that accuracy % for SBMM. ok I will test tonight and report back on if I see weaker lobbies in those servers than I did in Germany, Iraq or Asia or all the random servers I tested hahah It's fun to have an account I can just test movement with and not worry about tanking my KD. Ironically, no matter how weak the lobby was, even if it was 10/12 guys with a rank below 30....there was usually 1,2 guys >100 Rank Reverse boosting going 60-5 Crazy how rampant it is.
  5. So here is how I tested it. I havent session joined with my normal account. Just wanted to see if I'd see true bot lobbies as they said. I couldn't replicate it. So I deleted my xbox and reset the cloud each time i changed the location to make it a full reset. I went continent to continent. Typically the first time I set it at a location the lobby was weak, but not too weak. Then the next time it would actually be weaker (more lower ranks). I repeated this and it was pretty much random. There was no set pattern or location that provided more low rank guys than others. Also the lobbies most spoke english. I randomly even with NY as a location get foreign lobbies. Happened random. So I couldn't replicate the bot lobbies theory. SOme did have real weak lobbies, but it was random it was not consistent. Even if I went 3-30 the next lobby would be weak sometimes, but not always. Regardless of location. So maybe there is a way, but I certainly couldn't replicate it. I dont think it's a thing. If you reverse boost, youre going to get bot lobbies. I dont see the netduma being a factor.
  6. I actually tried to do what the streamers claim Netduma does and I couldn't. I made my geo filter different countries to see if I got foreign bot lobbies and never worked. lol I tried it in MP anyway. Not WZ yet. If doesn't work in MP I don't see why it would in WZ.
  7. This is just a test to see which range has the most traffic and when the traffic occurs. i.e in the lobby waiting vs in the game mid gun fight. Why would this delay matchmaking though?
  8. Does anyone have any knowledge as to how / why matchmaking is impacted when you change traffic prio or port forwarding? I've been testing Traffic Prio and at random times my CDL Matchmaking is incredibly slow. Regular pubs load faster, but CDL at times just doesn't fill lobbies if I put too many rules in Traffic Prio. I'm testing to see which ports improve my Hit Registers, but it's impacting Matchmaking and I am not sure why. Anyone have any input on what ports impact match making? or does DMZ/ UPNP impact it too?
  9. I'm just doing testing so after this exercise I will surely add that as well as the 45K-65K range to see how it feels and what traffic each sees. Thanks guys!
  10. I think I read guys say only 30000-45000 because that's the critical server ports. I thought they purposely left out 45K-65K to not prioritize everything and slow things down? IDK, but that was my understanding for the specific range. Its def something I'm trying to test and understand better.
  11. hahahahahhahaa Sorry Fraser, I'm a dummy. I had turned off crossplay so it was impossible for the game to allow my sweaty ass to fill a CDL lobby, without PC or Xbox players. hahahhahah So I guess its working great. I'm just a little slow. Disregard. lol
  12. Geo filtering worked great for a few months. Suddenly recently it is not working right. I can't set a polygon or a radius (1200 KM) that gets me the best COD MW servers like I used to be able to. If I do a polygon around servers in NY/Wisconsin/ Seattle that I ping well to in the heat map (for me 35-50 ping is good), then the lobbies don't fill up. If I click fast search or unclick strict mode then it puts me in 150 ping lobbies with players from brazil or south america. So that obviously isn't an option. This only happens in CDL lobbies. Pub lobbies work flawless. Only change I did recently was some port forwarding that was recommended in another thread, but I can't imagine that impacts CDL Lobbies? It works great in pub lobbies, but not in CDL lobbies. Advise how to get geo filtering to work again?
  13. What VPN servers is the Netduma R2 most compatible with? I'm in the NE USA. or any?
  14. My Geo Filter works great when I host a COD MW Party. I have a question on one additional aspect. It appears to me that the Geo Filter works even when I am not Party Host in Public lobbies. Is that correct? I thought originally it only worked when I was the host, but I see Blocked Servers come up when I have my polygon mode enabled and someone else is hosting the Party. Is this correct or am I imagining things? Have you tested this?
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