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My list of improvements

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Hey Guys,


I got my R2 yesterday, here is a list of things that a I think can be improved..


First let me say the killer-feature for me is the "conditional qos", ie "when priority traffic is detected essentially rate limit everything else down to a minimum"... I use this when playing games, so that other peoples youtube/netflix/amazon video gets throttled to something flat (ie 10mbit) which stops those applications spiking every 10 seconds to 100mbit, then back to 0... which causes horrible jitter... 



* channel scan, to find best channel

* ability to adjust power levels on radios

* band steering (ie block client from connecting to 2.4Ghz a couple of times, to try and force them onto 5Ghz)

* channel width

* ability to use DFS channels



* Be nice to be able to edit traffic prioritisation rules, rather than having to delete and re-create

* Be nice to show on the dashboard when its in congestion control mode, without looking at what rules are being hit in the list

* Since the Frostbite/BF4 detection didn't work for me I had to manually create rules

* I noticed that occasionally the detection logic will stop working, ie rule wont be hit anymore... deleting and re-adding usually fixes that...



* ability to reset dashboard layout (for noobs)

* CPU usage and traffic utilisation graph needs to be over a longer time period (ie 3 hours) and be zoomable

* be nice if the traffic utilisation graph had categories in it as well, or at least just "prioritised vs not"

* firmware auto-update (rather than manually downloading then loading file)

* some mobile fixes, hard one i know because there is a lot of information on a small screen



* SSH access would be nice.

* SNMP server would be nice, just for CPU and Interface stats.

* Packet capture or connection monitor function on the router to make finding flows (for congestion control) easier.

* Ability to turn off flashing LED's (WAF)

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Thank you for your feedback, I'll address each point:


  1. We're currently working on auto channel selection
  2. Not sure if this will be included or not, depends how the version goes that we plan to bring out next
  3. Already has this, when you mirror settings it has one SSID and will switch from 2.4 to 5GHz and vice versa based on bandwidth needs
  4. We're currently working on this.
  5. This might be added in future


  1. Good idea thanks, I'll add it to our roadmap
  2. Not sure I understand, you can pin any panel to the dashboard
  3. Improvement for games etc is constantly being worked on
  4. When do you notice this happening?


  1. This will be implemented
  2. I don't think many people need longer history of CPU usage so unlikely to be implemented. Will be another Rapp for traffic later on.
  3. You can click on the bars to bring up bar charts with more information. Will also be another Rapp for this kind of thing later
  4. Will be implemented
  5. We won't be supported mobile browsers as we're developing a mobile app currently


  1. Doubt we'll allow that
  2. I'll add it to the roadmap
  3. Will be another Rapp later for this
  4. Been requested and so will likely be implemented


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