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Speed slider not resulting in any improvement. Any advice?


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Hey all, 

so recently hooked the Duma R1 back up and it’s been running fine. After any setup I do speed tests to see what things look like and adjust my settings. With dls no longer being a free service I use a great alternative which monitors ping over a period of time based on usage (Thinkbroadband.com). 

The issue with it is you dont get results straight away you really need to monitor it over at least 1-2 hours to get an idea. I ran my first test on 70/70 which gave great results in the past and I could even go up to 90/90 and see no noticeable change in ping spikes but above that would be terribly. 

This time however I am not seeing any benefit of reducing speeds or only a minimal improvement. Even putting the sliders from 100/100 to 50/50 barely made any difference where as in the past the difference was night and day. I have a suspicion this is being caused by the wireless, either one device is acting up or the Wi-fi is giving troubles. I say this because I was using another third party router not too long ago and the results were as before minor reduction in speed would yield great improvement. 

Result at 100/100 

I wish I didn’t delete the 70/70 results to show you guys but at the time of testing I wasn’t planning on posting here but I assure you the results are no different than what you are seeing here. 

plan of action is to reintroduce my third party router and use that as a repeater thus letting it handle the wireless connections to see if that helps. Again I would love to provide you guys what the Duma looks like at 70/70 but that’s going to take at least another day if required I’ll add it to this post over the next couple of days but for the time being any thoughts on my attaching the other router as a repeater and how will that affect Duma qos? 

my set up will be 

Modem > Duma (PS4) and Third party router > wireless. Thus the PS4 can still have Geo filter. The other router has a repeater mode so there shouldn’t be any nat issues alternatively I’ll disable the DHCP of the third party router and let Duma handle that aspect of it.

sorry it was a bit long and thank you!  



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Just following on from above, as per my current set up I was expecting conflicting nat issues due to having two routers on my line. However, it appears that I’m not experiencing any nat problems as PS4 is connecting without any issues and I have an open nat. 

The set up is: 

modem> Net Duma (which the PS4 is connected to and ports are forwarded and PS4 is given priority) > Third part router > all other devices. 

as per my current set up, I’ve not noticed any issues with nat, only two items are connected to the Duma, the wireless is handled by third party router. Am I being too optimistic? The internet is screaming yes as I should be experiencing double nat and my online experience should suffer but so far that isn’t that case. 


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Given that the repeater is just extending the WiFi and you've disabled DHCP so that the R1 is handling it then there wouldn't be any NAT issues because the R1 sees it as though the devices are directly connected to it. Also you have the PS4 directly connected to the R1 anyway - you would see NAT issues if the other router was using DHCP and the PS4 was connected to that. Have you re done the tests with this setup? What ports have you used for forwarding? - If you've used 443 or 80 then this is likely to affect the outcome of the test.

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