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Just a few random questions/thoughts.

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Really excited about 3.0 hope everything goes smoothly. I only recently hooked the R1 back up with this announcement so i may be a little behind on things.

1) the last update I had on the R1 was the release of Duma OS about 2 years ago will I be able to upgrade to 3.0 or are there other things I need to do before that all kicks in? 

2) I’ve read that there will be an application priority? Are there advantages of this over what we have now where we choose a service to prioritise? 

3) I have used two routers (both Asus) which have gone down the route of using application classification to prioritise packets. However, these have been deeply floored as certain packets are not recognised properly. So the PS4 would send both gaming packets and untracked packets at the same time. Untracked by default was set as the lowest priority which is not adjustable and have been causing gamers a lot of headache. How will the Duma overcome such issues? 

4) since hooking the Duma backup I’ve noticed a discrepancy between the ping values. Duma pings a server at 20ms ping but ingame ping (warzone) says ping is around 50ms. Which value is correct and do we know why there is always this difference of 30-40ms every game?


5) hope you all are staying safe! :D 

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Great to hear you're excited, I'll answer your questions as best we can!

  1. You should be able to upgrade straight to 3.0 but if something specific needs to be done before upgrade we will let people know.
  2. It's not application priority per se - it is an addition to Bandwidth Allocation. At the moment you can only allocate bandwidth to devices, with this extra feature it will let you allocate bandwidth to applications such as gaming, video streaming etc.
  3. I'll ask dev about this one and get back to you.
  4. They're both correct. The Geo-Filter provides the ping direct to the server - this is what you can control and what you should focus on ultimately. The in game ping includes things like processing delay etc, all games have this but not all games choose to include it in their ping calculation. If there is a really high discrepancy between the two pings then it could indicate that particular server is experiencing heavy load. The pings you've mentioned are fine.
  5. We are, hope you are too!

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