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Bandwidth allocation - individual limit and excess sharing

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Is there any way to set a hard bandwidth limit for just one device without having to disable sharing excess for other devices (as an example, if my bandwidth was 100/100. my goal is to limit one device to only use a max of 40/40 whilst everything else on the network can still use up to a max of 100/100)? For anyone familiar I am trying to achieve what the bandwidth limiter found on ASUS routers does but from what I understand there seems to be no way around this on the XR500.

If this cannot be done would such a feature be added in 3.0?

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17 hours ago, Netduma Fraser said:

Hey, welcome to the forum!

That isn't possible currently but it has been requested before and so will likely be included in the future.

Is it possible in the future to have a feature to set bandwidth per port? TP routers have that feature.

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