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How accurate is Host Type? ... And an unknown icon

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New XR500 owner here with a couple of questions.

1) How accurate is Host Type?
Does it always recognize dedicated servers?

I'm asking because playing COD:MW on PS4 in 90% of my matches, the host is shown as Peer (see scrshot example), but looking up the IP address on https://www.iplocation.net/ it's always shown to belong to MultiPlay or Host Europe GmbH, plus tick rate always match those of dedicated servers.

If I get a Choopa server DumaOS does recognize it as a dedicated server, but those are also shown with a domain after the IP address.


2) A player icon with a dotted line around it, what does that mean?



Things are gfetting weird. I'm now getting Peer hosts w/o IP addresses, but instead domains like http://b950ddd8.setaptr.net/ and https://secure.onavo.com/


Side note; love the geo filter, even if it takes literal minutes to find a COD match (I blame the new lobby disbanding feature), and love the QoS.



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Hey, welcome to the forum!

They are not always accurate so we will need to do more cloud updates to categorize the hosts correctly. The ones with an actual domain will be a server as well.

Any icon with a dotted line around it means it has been allowed by Ping Assist. Glad to hear you're enjoying the router!

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On 4/26/2020 at 10:54 AM, Fuzy said:

I bounce on the subject ... But I admit that a legend for the different icons and their function on the geofilter would avoid a lot of questions!

Yeah, that would be a welcome addition.

I created the attached legend for myself, but I might as well share it here


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