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Same ip range as ISP Router?

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I have a xr300

My config is 

Internet ... Fritzbox 7560 (all disabled) ...xr300 (in dmz from Fritzbox)


The xr300 has the IP

My Fritzbox has the IP


On xr300 it Shows me wan IP

And on the Fritzbox its Show me only the xr300 with IP and i cant See the devices behind the xr300


Question 1:

What would Happen If i put the xr300 in the Same ip range manually? Change its own IP to

Would it Work.. would QoS and prio Work? 

It is a better configuration?


Question 2:

If this dosnt work

Should i give the xr300 a Statik ISP IP with in the Duma Menü ? Or Just Use DHCP

Thanks for help

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Not seeing the devices in that setup is absolutely normal, you would only see the individual devices on the fritzbox if the XR300 was in AP mode. As in if you changed the LAN IP to 178.2? It wouldn't be a better configuration and likely wouldn't work at all, the way it's setup now is absolutely fine and normal, you won't experience any performance boosts by changing these settings.

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A router if in router mode needs to have DHCP enabled so that devices can connect and receive an IP address. Unless you give every device a static/reserved IP, if you wanted to connect a new device you'd have to give it a static IP on the device itself. You can do that but it's not necessary in most cases, would only suggest it if you're encountering disconnection issues.

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