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Pingplotter do I have an issue?


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I've just installed Pingplotter for the first time and I noticed when pinging bbc.co.uk that the top part with the different Hop's has red sections. I assume packet loss?

The actual ping looks quite good, ignore the ping spikes, that was me running speeds test and messing with the congestion control until it didn't spike. 45% down and 70% up for those interested.

Have I got an issue, or does my ISP or is this ok?


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3 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

No this looks okay. You can ignore the hops at the top for the most part, if you get any red bars on the bottom graph then that would be packet loss that you need to be concerned about but looks good.

OK thanks for confirming. I thought things were OK but just wanted to check to see if it helped my COD experience. 

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