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XR300 not showing any upload packets

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So I've recently noticed that my XR300 router is not detecting any upload packets on the traffic prioritization section. It know that there is download traffic, but doesn't seem to recognize upload traffic anymore. I've tried manually updating the firmware, and also resetting to factory settings, and it's still showing the same behavior....the screenshot is just after a fresh factory settings have been applied, and then testing the upload by uploading a video to youtube, as you can see it knows it is uploading in the network snapshot, but doesn't show anything packet wise in the traffic priotization, not even background packets. 

The reason i noticed is i felt like i was getting more lag and inconsistent feeling in online games (call of duty, rainbow six siege) and then when i looked on the router settings this is when i noticed it was no longer seemingly detecting upload for the traffic prioritization.

I have anti-bufferbloat set to always on, with 80% on both the upload and download, and the PC that is being used for gaming is added to the Traffic prioritization with the "games console" profile, and from what i can tell that works correctly with detecting the high priority traffic, but from what i can see at the moment, is only detecting and giving the download high priority, not the upload too

anyone else had these issues or know of a fix?  

No Upload Traffic (2).PNG

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On 11/23/2019 at 3:12 PM, EnticingToaster said:

So I tried factory defaults again, and this time it's worked. It must have been that i did a factory reset then applied my old settings, so something in that config file must have been borked

Welcome to the forum. Well done for fixing this, an odd bug. Thanks for letting us know you resolved it.

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