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  1. I also have an XR300 and seem to have the same issue. It works fine for a little bit after a reboot, then seems to just stop detecting anything as high priority after a coupe of days. Since this is an issue is it worth turning QoS off until it is fixed with 3.0?
  2. Just a quick update, so far so good. Been playing tonight for a few hours and the only bit of packet loss/lag i noticed was when my wife first started streaming, and it was very brief and didn't happen again. So thanks very much everyone who helped. Just to sum up in case anyone else has issues, I put the modem back in charge of handling PPPoE, changed the QoS on the powerlines to "internet" and enabled the Lower PLC setting. All while having ABB set to 70/70 too which used to cause issues Currently in the Traffic Prioritisation I'm just using the Games Console setting at the moment. As i wasn't sure the port range above would cover MW. Should i bother trying that or just leave it as is?
  3. So, I've reset the DM to default settings, do i need it to act as a DCHP server or not? I can't see any settings anywhere for QoS or DMZ....so i just leave it at default and see how it works?
  4. Firstly thanks for all the quick replies and being patient with me. YEs the DM is just a modem and a wired router i think , So I will trying turning the modem back to handling the connection with the ISP yes? Then try and add my router into the DMZ....i think i've seen that option, but never used it before, if i get stuck i may have to ask for some help on how to do it.
  5. OK I'll try those ranges, when you say keep source input default do you mean keep it at 1-65535 and only change the destination to those ports? Cause previously I've just done both to the same numbers. I think I use PPPoE.... Don't really know what that is but the router detected my connection as that I think, and then I just put in my login as the usual default BT one and it worked. I don't use any torrents or anything, when I'm gaming usually the only stuff I have running is the game and then discord
  6. Hi Fraser, I also play MW, F1 2019 And some other games online, so that's why I used the games console profile, but I can try the ranges you've suggested. My Config is Netgear DM200 > XR300 > powerline > PC but I've got all the QoS etc disabled on the DM200 and got it acting just as a modem, so my login to BT etc is done on the XR300 Playing last night with the internet and lower PLC setting did seem to make it feel better though. And that's with the ABB settings back at 70/70.
  7. So I've changed it to internet and also there is another setting called vdsl low plc mode. I know I had to have that on with my old router otherwise the speed would drop in half. Trying that again. I shall try putting the ABB settings back to 70/70 to see what happens with the new settings because I should notice any packet loss/ lag at these settings blockquote widget
  8. Yeah, I would love to turn it off, but there is no way to.....are there any decent powerline adapters that dont have QoS built in or that can be turned off? For now I've put it onto the internet setting, as im hoping then whilst gaming it won't try to interfere with the gaming packets, and nothing should be classed as internet?
  9. Hi Alex, In my reply above i list my devices and how they are connected. The PC is connected via ethernet, but I'm not sure how to get the table view you requested, the speed setting is set to auto-negotiation, i could try setting it to 1Gbps Full duplex? I say it's ethernet but i do have to use a powerline for it. Could this be causing issues? It has built in QoS that I've never changed, but the default is what they just describe as "gaming", I cant find a setting to turn it off, but could maybe try one of the other options? Maybe the gaming one is clashing with the QoS on the router? The powerline speed itself reports around 1050-1200 Mbps whenever I check.....actually as i type this it's just dropped to 786, have we maybe found the issue?
  10. BT came out a laid a new copper cable from the access point at the front of the house to the master socket about 6 months ago, so that part of the line is brand new, but I don't know about the rest of it. We did have some weird issues with speed dropping below the minimum I should get, so that's why the engineer came out, so it's possible the line is dodgy somewhere between the cabinet and my house. The Netflix on the TV is just the standard one, and I've seen it use about 12mbps max when monitoring. I've got 5 wired devices on the network, but the only ones that are on constantly are the Hive hub and the NAS, but while I'm gaming I turn off the NAS auto backup software so it doesn't try to do anything while I'm playing. I then have another 4 wireless, 2 phones a laptop and iPad, but again they don't hit it all at the same time. I used pingplotter and that's why I'm unsure my settings are right as I know gaming packets are pretty small so was expecting to have to leave only like 2mbps free..... Not 26
  11. So the other day i followed the guide on the site to set up my ideal ABB settings as i was getting alot of packet loss in rainbow six siege while the wife was streaming netflix on the TV. I used pingplotter and got my stable baseline ping, without ABB then set my phone, laptop and an ipad streaming and tested again, and yup the ping was all over the place. i then enabled ABB at the default 70/70 to begin with, and it was still bad, i didnt see the ping get back to about the baseline figures till it was 40/50. Is this normal? My connection is fibre VDSL 2 and i get 43.5 down 9.3 up. In the ABB connection speeds i put in 44 down 10 up. So basically i'm limiting the connection with ABB on to 17.6 max for any device. I have it on when high priority traffic is detected, and have my gaming PC set in the traffic prioritisation to the "games console" profile, and the duma OS classified games is unchecked. I currently have everything in the bandwidth allocation set the equal, and share excess bandwidth enabled, i did have the gaming PC higher than the rest, but didnt seem to do anything, so set everything back to default in the QoS section before doing the pingplotter test. Do i really need to reserve this much bandwidth for ABB to work with my speeds? or is there something i haven't set up correctly For reference in the pictures below my gaming Pc is called Desktop
  12. So I tried factory defaults again, and this time it's worked. It must have been that i did a factory reset then applied my old settings, so something in that config file must have been borked
  13. Hi, So I've recently noticed that my XR300 router is not detecting any upload packets on the traffic prioritization section. It know that there is download traffic, but doesn't seem to recognize upload traffic anymore. I've tried manually updating the firmware, and also resetting to factory settings, and it's still showing the same behavior....the screenshot is just after a fresh factory settings have been applied, and then testing the upload by uploading a video to youtube, as you can see it knows it is uploading in the network snapshot, but doesn't show anything packet wise in the traffic priotization, not even background packets. The reason i noticed is i felt like i was getting more lag and inconsistent feeling in online games (call of duty, rainbow six siege) and then when i looked on the router settings this is when i noticed it was no longer seemingly detecting upload for the traffic prioritization. I have anti-bufferbloat set to always on, with 80% on both the upload and download, and the PC that is being used for gaming is added to the Traffic prioritization with the "games console" profile, and from what i can tell that works correctly with detecting the high priority traffic, but from what i can see at the moment, is only detecting and giving the download high priority, not the upload too anyone else had these issues or know of a fix?
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