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Speed problems


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Best , i can not get my normal speed , i have normal download 300 and upload 20 , when i do the test i have just 35 download and upload is wel ok 

i have try all what they Saïd , only the pppoe settings not , when i look in Device manager i see this 

1(POE).   Connected       Full duplex.     1000mbits    

Can Somebody help me , 

my netduma is connected on my modem and then my ps4 whit cable in the netduma , al the rest is Wi-Fi connected on my netduma 

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43 minutes ago, Netduma Alex said:

Are you using DumaOS? If so, go to QoS, open the anti-bufferbloat side menu and tick Disable QoS, now see if your speeds improve.

I am using DumaOS , i have try this disable QoS , works not , wht they mean whit pppoe settings ? 

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57 minutes ago, Netduma Alex said:

Does your modem allow you to enter PPPoE settings onto it directly so that you don't have to do it on the R1?

I have just call whit my provider   My modem works not whit PPPoE , i have wel set my netduma wanip in dmz in my Telenet modem , 

i have test back the Speeds and its hole crazy , Between 60 download and maximum 70 download , and the most crazy part my upload is wel perfect arround 19 and i pay for 20 upload , 

i now not what speeds i must set in my bandwith , becoz they change hole time 

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