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  1. Why. In other games i have nothing high Ping players , and only in modern warfare ?
  2. Listing , Its for me just the same , i play Some games perfect and after i go Hours negative , this happens becoz the sbmm , they want not that u go much positive , its just the matchmaking since today i have find something , when i play Free for all , i have this problems not , every match when i play my kd is positive and i win nearly all , finally i have enjoy for hours , here in free for all feels the sbmm less strong , normal i play domination off hardpoint , when my matches free for all stay going positive and winning then i gonna play this every time only when a friend come online i go back near domination of hardpoint ,
  3. I go try whit the old firmware , maybe i have there better hitmarkers , and when this not help i stop whit modern warfare , the sbmm destroy all in the game
  4. What 3 Ports are perfect for modern warfare ? Becoz i see much different Ports , i played whit ps4 , my hitmarkers are bad
  5. Going in easier lobby’s is the same terrible skill basic matchmaking for me , and the micro transactions work not for me , every game what i played whit my first account is sweating , this sbmm is crazy , my second account i stay under kd from 1 , and al my games are playeble ,
  6. Thanks , boosting i have do whit my second account , i like boosting not , losing to much time for nothing Whit my first account its not playeble , i have kd from 2.14 and this have go near under till 1.17 😂 3 perfect games and then 5 games negative , i play well for winning ( hardpoint , domination ) i gonna try joining people there session
  7. I am not 100 procent Sure , when i play ww2 i have this terrible connextion not , sometimes i fall in bad lobby , mostely the lobby’s are fine in ww2 in modern warfare its hole broken , i think sbmm destroy the connextions , u have more mixed lobby’s Maybe ww2 plays better becoz there are less people in the servers Infinity ward have everytime this horrible matchmakings whit sbmm , thats means al a big thing over sbmm ( more lag ) advance warfare was the same horrible matchmaking
  8. This is what mean , becoz sbmm we have this poor gameplay sometimes ( bad hitmarkers , lag , bad Ping ) i am a good player and i hate sbmm on this moment becoz skill have the first place , i want sbmm what prefere first connextions , i am not afraid from losing games from my OWN skill , i like just not losing becoz bad matchmaking , and that happens too much in modern warfare
  9. Nice game , where u find this lobby’s 😀 i sit everytime in destroy lobby , they spawn from all sides , they hear me walking from 100 Miles , i can not move , self whit ninja 😀, they have every seconds uav , what settings u used from netduma ?
  10. This is the problem whit sbmm on this moment , they look not near the connextions , maybe after Some years when they tweak sbmm then we gonna have better games , today this sbmm sucks , skill have the first place , not connextion , when people have bad connextions ur hit detection gonna not work
  11. People , people , this is the matchmaking , sbmm , when u play Some good games then U go in other lobby’s whit ur OWN SKILL the problem is , u sit in lobby whit good Ping , but in this lobby sit to much different players from all countrys whit bad connextions , u can search the hole day long , nothing helps for better games till they delete sbmm off make this less strict the only thing what happens on this moment whit playing is , u play Some good games and then Some bad games , al this things ( footsteps , sbmm , camping maps ) they have make this for the new players that we not destroy them every game
  12. Stay the same , download 52 and opload is 21 ,the upload is wel good everytime
  13. Thats the problem whit dumaQos enable , i have never this speeds , everytime arround 50 download , upload is wel arround 18 mostely
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