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Request: PPTP VPN Support.

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11 hours ago, PurpleHaze said:

I would live to see support for pptp added to dumaOS! 

Thanks for your suggestion! Right now this isn't a possibility because Hybrid-VPN is based on OpenVPN, which doesn't support PPTP. If we redesign the feature in future, which is certainly possible, we might consider supporting more standards.

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I've just tried to setup purevpn via HybridVPN and discovered that I seem to need PPTP to stream Netflix via the VPN. purevpn servers don't seem to have streaming support for OpenVPN, only PPTP according to their support page. My primary purpose for buying the XR500 was for gaming but given that I've got 3 kids and a wife who all demand other unneccessary services I feel the need to vote for PPTP support as well. If it could be added, my family would appreciate it (and I can get on with gaming). Many thanks.



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