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Lag congestion issue.

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I have been using the router for a while now and not had many problems. but lately it seems that when someone else in the house is watching the firestick tv on the network this is causing huge amounts of lag while I am gaming. I don't understand as it wasn't causing problems before.

I have anti-blufferboat as always, share excess unticked, traffic prioritization enabled, everything on 2 percent on QOS except my gaming console which takes the rest. 

I have been looking at the logs and noticing kill flow due to timeout is coming up alot - Not sure where to start with solving the issue, any help would be appreciated.


Also I am having issue with logging in. this forum never remembers my password so i always get locked out and have to wait 15 minutes to change my password. Any fix's for this. 


Thanks in advance,


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Could you temporarily try turning off QoS (anti-bufferbloat side menu, Disable QoS) and see if your router still produces those errors?

Also could you check your CPU usage (system information page) before and after disabling?

Regarding your issues logging into the forum, as an alternate solution you could link your Twitter or Facebook account on the Account Settings page and then log in using one of them. 

Or you could figure out what your password is, and then go to your browser settings and clear the logins for this forum. Then login again and save. If it's a problem on your end, that should fix it. If it's a problem on our end, that's weird.

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HI Alex,

Sorry for the late reply, I just got around to trying this. I tried turning it off and I am still getting the same errors amongst some other errors. I watched activity monitor and never seen any spikes in cpu usage before and after disabling.

Do you's offer technical support through remote access or anything like that as I am not the most tech person and a lot of the stuff in the settings confuses me. I would be happy to pay for this service.




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I think that this Fire TV Stick related problem has been reported before. I'm not sure if we have a solution for it yet.

My primary recommendation for now would be to stream something on the fire tv stick, and while that's happening, adjust your anti-bufferbloat siders down until your gameplay is smooth.

Once you've done this, disable DumaOS Classified Games under the Traffic Prioritization menu, and add the Fire TV Stick to that menu. That's all ports, 1-65525, TCP and UDP.

Now set the Anti-Bufferbloat to When High Priority Traffic Detected. Now the connection will only be slowed when the Fire TV Stick is active. The only problem with this method is that if the Fire TV Stick does stuff in the background, that will cause the connection to slow down...

In a future version update we're going to expand the list of services that can be selected when adding a device to Traffic Prioritization, so hopefully video streaming will be one that you can select. That's not available yet though.

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