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VPN Netduma R1 Router Nat Type


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If I use VPN to connect to Baltic Countries e.g Lithuiania, Estonia....   and set geo filter to 700km around Lithuania,  I am getting  Nat Type  Strict.


is it possible to have Open Nat Type  when using VPN ?


or can I force connection to particular region without using VPN ?  



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In a game where the Geo-Filter works perfectly, you should be able to connect to any region around the world and play with people there.

Currently, Modern Warfare knows where you're actually located and will not match you with people from anywhere else. This is a problem we haven't been able to fix yet, but we're working on it.

Using Geo-Filter may result in a bad NAT type because it may end up blocking the server that the game uses to check your NAT. This will not actually affect your matchmaking.

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