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How far are you from the exchange (if you know). Did you do the test with your PC wired ?

Please make sure all the plugs are firmly plugged in.

I am not personally familiar with Comcast, what do you pay for?

If you have any spare try using a different ethernet cable to rule out a dodgy cable.

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Good to hear, sometimes a dodgy cable or one not plugged in properly can cause a problem.

Id suggest having a good read through the wiki guide I pointed you too and if you are still having problems pop back.

The results you are getting are like the last mile to your router. This is the best you are going to get no matter what you change. It is between 32 and 51 on that last photograph.

With that in mind you really aren't going to get better ping results than in your original photograph. That photograph is a very good example of the test you have done.

To be fair many people would have been very happy with that ping result to a host and that speed is certainly fast. I played COD for years on and around ping results of that number.

If you do want to get it better I think it will be a call to your ISP.

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