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Are there any advantages in using ipv6?

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As title, I would just like to learn more about this feature.

Also why is it recommended to disable ipv6 if you have more than 50mb/s?

Does it do anything good?

Thank you

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It's recommended to disable currently because it will allow you to get higher speeds through the firmware. It is not fully optimised on the firmware at the moment - DumaOS or the original firmware. Basically IPv4 addresses have all been allocated so IPv6 was introduced to resolve that issue and provide infinitely more addresses. There isn't a performance boost when using IPv6, Xbox say that if you use IPv6 then you will get a better experience through the Xbox but I'm not sure about that personally. If anything, at the moment IPv6 addresses will need to be converted back to IPv4 so it could add more latency - this is until IPv6 is more widely adopted.

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