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Help with 2 things

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On 10/7/2019 at 11:35 AM, Netduma Alex said:

I just made a few small changes to profiles.

  • It is now mandatory to specify which DumaOS routers you own. You will be asked this question when you next sign in. This will help us loads with tech support!
  • There are now optional profile fields for Discord, Steam, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Nintendo Switch and Battle.net - please suggest any more you would like added
  • Some old/outdated protocols were removed, such as MSN, ICQ, AIM and Jabber.

Thanks for being a part of the community!

EDIT: I'll add Twitter as well

EDIT2: You can now use Facebook to login to the forums if you feel like it

Hey Alex, how are you doing? 

I need help on 2 things. I'll post pics. 1st pic is I dont know how to activate 5Gz wifi.

2nd pic is, I'm from Nj, USA. If I set my location to let say Brazil, what will it do? Will it not work due to my ISP and PS4 region? Thanks.



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I hope you don't mind but I moved your question into a new topic in the correct forum.

So for the first question, you have Smart Connect enabled which means you're using a hybrid 2.4/5GHz connection. It should dynamically choose between them when you connect.

If you turn off Smart Connect, you can set the two bands up seperately. You could even disable 2.4GHz if you really didn't want to use it at all.


For the second question, if you were to set your Geo-Filter to Brazil, you should end up playing with Brazillian people. Similarly, if you put the radius over the UK, you'd be playing with Brits. That's how Geo-Filter is meant to work anyway, when it doesn't work as intended we sometimes need to make small adjustments from our end.

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