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Comcast users reported geolocation incorrect on BO4

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I was one of the unfortunate people who along with many others have found that within the actual game of Black ops 4 are geolocation was reported out of a mysterious Mount Laurel New Jersey. Because we are trying to use the geolocation on our XR gaming routers this affected who we connected with and was working against what the purpose of the router was intended to be in the first place. After contacting not only Netgear but also my ISP and Activision, no one wanted to help and everyone pointed the finger at each other. I played like this most of the entire time and now I have done all the research myself and found out how to fix it so that in the game your correct city is listed. Is simply a setting that I never knew of or heard of within the router itself. It just seems highly disappointing that everyone who should have known this answer did not instead I felt like an idiot and would not let it go but I'm glad I didn't because now I have the correct geolocation in the game but still not sure if it's working right. I would like to share this information with anyone who wants it please reply and if the engineers at that Duma or anybody here wants to help others and get this information out there to better everyone's gaming again reply let me know I'll be glad to tell you.

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We update our cloud on a regular basis. This database of IP addresses and locations is sourced from many places, and one of those places is reports from our users concerning mislocated servers.

You can submit information about a mislocated server here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSevd5XtkfhhcomTCt7kI_lyJVsCwDDXWo6rgBS_WV--yCd8Zw/viewform

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