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  1. How long has DUMA been out now? I can't believe with even the new year of 2020 you all cant simply add the things like smart switches , wireless speakers , home HUBs, smart lights and other smart devices to the device types? I haven't seen an update released in almost a year now. Really??? Also what about themes for the OS I cant believe the thought has been there for 2 years but noone can make a different color scheme? If you all need some help reach out to some of us who use this router religiously and get some feed back or graphic design help. Id be glad to help if you let me. Just want it to get better.
  2. Is the XR300 ever going to get the ability to install Plex Media server? Seems outdated that a machine with such a great cpu and backbone cant handle the simple interface of PLEX and is only limited to the x10 which is what now 8 years old???
  3. What is the application path for windows that we can use to allow DUMAOS through a firewall on our PC. I have to login like 30 or 40 times because it is not "secure".
  4. im looking for remote assistance this is getting way out of my comfort zone, especially for a premium product, Can you remote assist via my pc?
  5. Guys I have 2 of the best servers SOCAL and DALLAS within 600 miles of my location. Geo-Location circle is only enclosed with those 2 in it. QOS is setup as good as I can using online tutorials. But the bullet registration is still garbage though. My ISP is Comcast and my speed is 200Mb up and 6Mb down. So now what?
  6. I was one of the unfortunate people who along with many others have found that within the actual game of Black ops 4 are geolocation was reported out of a mysterious Mount Laurel New Jersey. Because we are trying to use the geolocation on our XR gaming routers this affected who we connected with and was working against what the purpose of the router was intended to be in the first place. After contacting not only Netgear but also my ISP and Activision, no one wanted to help and everyone pointed the finger at each other. I played like this most of the entire time and now I have done all the research myself and found out how to fix it so that in the game your correct city is listed. Is simply a setting that I never knew of or heard of within the router itself. It just seems highly disappointing that everyone who should have known this answer did not instead I felt like an idiot and would not let it go but I'm glad I didn't because now I have the correct geolocation in the game but still not sure if it's working right. I would like to share this information with anyone who wants it please reply and if the engineers at that Duma or anybody here wants to help others and get this information out there to better everyone's gaming again reply let me know I'll be glad to tell you.
  7. I bought the XR 300 with the hopes that it would change the call of Duty gaming experience. After using it for several months and talking with Netgear tech support and my ISP and Activision, my gaming experience remains the same and no one has truly help configure or check settings against my network to help make what I I had hoped it to be a reality. It feels the same as when I plug in my old modem or router from my ISP I get the same experience as when I use the pro gaming xr300. I've gone through so much tech support and so much time do two waiting on return phone calls but now I'm past the point of no return with Netgear which leaves me stuck with a high-dollar router that I feel in a way has done nothing for me at all. If there is a way that you all feel you can help please I beg you to do so or help me exchange this model through you to get the one that I would need including the one that supports Plex which is half the reason I bought this but it was advertised that they XR models could work with Plex come to find out they do not but that's another story have another topic which I have posted in here as well. This is my last attempt to try and resolve both issues anything you can do is appreciated.
  8. I have noticed that most of the advertisement on the XR gaming routers showed that they have a fantastic processor that would support running a Plex Media server. After buying the XR 300 come to find out they said at Netgear only the xr700 could support Plex. Now I'm seeing that the xr500 can support Plex. I've got the XR 300 and it has the processor that can handle it why can't we install anyting on it like apps like the other models the capability is obviously there I believe but what's holding it back and can it be done.? Also I've seen others have used open source software to install and flash firmware but some have lost DUMAOS capability like geofilter and other say they have done it correctly and flashed it so that they have install Plex and kept DUMOS capability. Please advise. I feel in a way it was falsely advertised and now I can't even return my model to get the one that supports Plex which is half the reason I bought this unit. Any advice or help would be appreciated.
  9. When in game I and hit by somebody it seems like two times and I am on the ground or dead. But when watching their kill cam I am getting hit 20 times or more. This is one of my biggest issues. I want a connection like they have.
  10. I bought the XR 300 in the hopes that it would change my gaming experience more specifically with call of duty blackout. as we all know the servers and the connection to them is the biggest issue and that is why I trusted this product to fix this. I find that now having it it is no different than my ISP modem / router. in the hopes that I am doing something wrong or have settings not correct I am requesting a one-on-one to review hopefully via screen share my system to just get it properly set up one time. I've contacted Netgear I have contacted Activision and now I'm contacting you as my last hope. I truly believe that this is something that could work but I don't have faith in my setup. I struggled because the only support that I'm able to get is via a chat or a Twitter and I simply need a review of my system via screen share our phone call. My pain is 75 to a hundred in every game and even with geofilter on I am still being connected to people outside my circle and others who have this router or play the game competitively get a single pane of 0 to 30. I just simply want to achieve this and I need your help.
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