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XR300 issues help please

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Hi guys i need help with my xr300 alot of things are showing as "NIL" in my geo filter for instance where is should say ping assist it is showing as "NIL" .. is there a dedicated server in london for bo4 if so i am never ever seeing it on my geo filter map or never get connected to a dedicated server in the uk at all i have my distance covering the uk only and i only get connected to peer .. another problem is i am getting alot of shots that do not register the hit detection is poor especially when sniping does anyone reccomend anything to get better hit detection ? I have a moderate nat type also no matter what i do to get an open nat it either changes to strict or moderate never open .. i have the virgin hub 3.0 and my xr300 is connected to my virgin hub to get the interent 

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Welcome to the forums!

I'll tell you how to fix your NAT first. On the XR300, if you go to the System Information page, you will see your WAN IP listed. Write this down.

Now go to your Virgin hub interface, and do two things:

1. Set your XR300's IP address as reserved so that it won't change

2. Put that IP address (the WAN IP) into the DMZ

Now you should have an open NAT type in Black Ops 4, but if not, you can do some port forwarding on the XR300. Take a look at this page to find out what ports: https://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Ports-Used-for-Call-of-Duty-Games


The NIL bug is something we're aware of. It was thought potentially to be a translation bug. What language are you using the XR300 in? Have you tried switching to another one just to see if that fixes it? If that doesn't work, we'll think again.


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