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Can't get Apex to work with GeoFilter

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I've looked on the other threads and have followed all the advice I've seen posted.  I have: restarted router, flushed cloud, factory reset router-  

I have Playstation listed and have tried rebooting with and without filtering on.  I have set my location in desired location that I want to connect to, but I am always connecting to Dallas dedicated server with a less desirable ping.  I am trying to connect to the Iowa servers that give me my best ping.

When I expand the geofilter ring to include dallas, I  connect to it, but game will not start.  When I shrink the geofilter to exclude Dallas, I see that I am still trying to connect to that server.  Could it be that it is an incorrect location?  I don't know, but no matter what config I use, Apex is unplayable for me with GeoFiltering active.  Will only work in Spectation mode.

Am I doing all that I can?



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Just to make sure, are you shutting down the game and opening it again between each settings change? When Apex starts up, it pings all of the servers it knows about, so it's possible that if it can't ping a server at startup, it will just assume it's down and stop trying to connect to it again.

On the title screen, if you wait for a minute without pressing start, a Data Center option appears and let's you see the ping to all of the data centers around the world. You can see if the Geo-Filter is effective because the ones that are blocked will have a 999ms ping. Unfortunately Apex doesn't always stop trying to connect to a blocked server, sometimes it just keeps trying in vain to connect even though it can't.

One suggestion might be to set Ping Assist to a level you're comfortable with to give the system some leeway in choosing a server. We're working on improving the Geo-Filter compatibility with Apex but with these live service games, things often change, and it can be hard to constantly ensure compatibility when the goal posts are always shifting.

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